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The name 'Asepto' is derived from the word Aseptic which means 'Sterile.' With an earnest commitment of ‘Freshness Preserved,’ Asepto is the Aseptic Liquid Packaging business brand from the house of UFlex that provides liquid packaging solutions to various global and domestic beverage and liquid brands across the world.

We are the first aseptic packaging materials manufacturer with an advanced facility in India located in the industrial hub of Sanand in Gujarat that boasts of a capacity to produce 7 billion packs per annum. Our liquid packaging solutions are designed to deliver ultimate user convenience, easy opening and optimal shelf life to products such as juices, non-aerated alcoholic beverages and also to highly perishable liquid consumables like milk and other dairy products. With this competence, we have emerged as a leading aseptic liquid packaging company in a short span of time with innovative liquid packaging solutions.


Equipped with ace technology and top-of-the-line converting machines, our facility holds the capacity to manufacture truly superlative aseptic packs for our customers. With a production capacity of 7 Billion packs per annum, the plant is spread over 21 Acres of the sprawling 72 Acres land parcel that UFlex has bought at Sanand, Gujarat.

We strive to meet the demand for quality aseptic packaging solutions, with uncompromised beverage packaging alternatives, that helps minimize challenges faced by Dairy, Beverage, and Distillery industries. Our Liquid packaging product portfolio that comprises of Pillow Pack, Trio Pack, Brick Pack caters to 90% of the total domestic demand that makes us the most preferred aseptic liquid packaging company of India.

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We are determined to provide innovative sustainable packaging solutions to our global clientele that keeps the liquid content fresh for a longer duration and follows the path of sustainability. Throughout the production of aseptic liquid packaging materials, appropriate hygiene, and safe manufacturing practices are held at the core of our focus.

Our Approach

Helping Our Clients Achieve Sustainable Business Growth.

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The sustainable nature of our business helps us to create valuable offerings. Keeping our clients at the helm of our business strategy has always governed the business operations at UFlex since 1985. Today this pathway has evolved us to grow from strength to strength and become a USD 1.75 Billion Global Flexible Packaging conglomerate.

Asepto Packaging

  • Continued innovation to create value-added differentiation to develop bespoke end- to-end packaging solutions
  • Close proximity to our customers to ensure quick turnaround of deliveries

Our journey over the last three decades has stayed true to our core values, i.e., trust, maintaining quality products, impeccable customer satisfaction, and delivering value for money that helps our clients achieve sustainable business growth. With our innovative approach and with customer’s demands in consideration, we are determined to elevate the benchmarks of aseptic liquid packaging and position ourselves among the most preferred aseptic liquid packaging companies worldwide, we have also established ourselves as one of the most preferred Aseptic Liquid Packaging companies worldwide.

With decades of experience and legacy in packaging manufacturing, we have consistently stayed at the forefront by creating innovative end-to-end sustainable, flexible, and aseptic packaging solutions for our clientele spread over 140 countries across the globe. In order to help brands step closer to their sustainability goals, we are currently setting up the world’s fastest and India’s first U-shaped Paper straw line for Aseptic Liquid Carton packs.

ASEPTO also offers flexible packaging solutions for solids, semi-solids, powders, granular materials, pastes, gels, and viscous fluids.

Asepto Under Make In India

With the state-of-the-art aseptic liquid packaging material manufacturing plant, we have completed our entire product bouquet to provide the best in each vertical under packaging. The latest Greenfield project is an affirmation of our commitment to Government of India’s flagship scheme, “Make in India”.


Uflex Group is constantly guided by the thought of instituting continual development and identifying areas of improvement that propel us towards setting new benchmarks of excellence. This winning mindset of competing with our own self is instilled by our Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi. Under his aegis, we are forever on the roll to ensure that our performance today is better than what it was yesterday and that tomorrow it will be further up by several notches as compared to where it stands today.

Our CMD’s passion, commitment and impeccable entrepreneurial skills are directed toward delighting our global clientele with bespoke and fully integrated flexible packaging solutions.

Innovation to create value-added differentiation is our raison d'être in our quest to offer the most contemporary, optimized and sustainable aseptic liquid packaging solutions, as we embark upon a momentous journey of bringing to you nothing less than the best!

Resonating with our corporate ethos and with immense pride, I unveil 'Asepto', the aseptic liquid packaging solution brand under the umbrella of New Business Initiatives from the house of UFlex.

Asepto is derived from the word 'Aseptic' which means sterile. The catchphrase is our product’s solemn promise to its customers — 'Freshness Preserved'. Asepto is backed by the rich legacy and pedigree of UFlex. Presently, the Indian aseptic liquid packaging market is growing at the rate of 17–18% per annum and is expected to double in the next five years to approximately 20 billion packs per annum. Our total manufacturing capacity will stand at 10 billion packs per annum.

Ashwani K. Sharma, President & CEO, Aseptic Liquid Packaging Business

The aseptic liquid packaging material manufacturing plant in Sanand, Gujarat would play a key role in propelling the growth of aseptic packaging in the years that follow both in India as well as overseas. The plant is currently undergoing the setting-up of India’s first U-shaped Paper Straw manufacturing line that will help brands step closer to their sustainability goals.

With utmost honesty of purpose, sense of responsibility and accountability, we offer packaging solutions that ‘Preserve, Protect and Promote’ the products of our customers. Our aseptic liquid packaging business is a milestone in our commitment to achieve excellence by deploying cutting-edge technology for offering innovation that adds discernible value to the business of our clients.

Mr. Ashwani Kumar Sharma
President & CEO - Aseptic Liquid Packaging

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