About Us

What we do?

UFlex is one of the world’s leading organizations providing brand protection and anti-counterfeiting solutions to its customers globally. UFlex’s Holography Business develops, produces and markets products and solutions that offer brand enhancement, textile value addition & aesthetic packaging solutions to various industry verticals and Government organizations globally. UFlex is Indian Banks' Association (IBA) certified security printer for printing MICR instruments!

UFlex provides cutting edge technology to develop & produce its anti-counterfeiting solutions for brand protection of goods and important documents

Range of Products

  • Holograms
  • Holographic / Registered fresnel lens Self-Adhesive Security Labels
  • Stamping Foils holographic & multi coloured hot stamping foil for paper & board, plastic and document authentication (Hot stamping foil & Cold Foil)
  • Holographic Wide Web Films (UV / HRI / Soft embossed / Hard embossed / Registered / Graphic Fresnel Lens Film)
  • Holographic transparent BOPP film for Document & carton lamination
  • Holographic transparent thermal lamination & metallized film
  • Holographic Metallized Paper & Paperboard
  • Textile Value Addition Products (Sequins/Hot Melt/ Glitter/ Fancy Yarn Film)
  • Security Documents, Cheque Books, Mark sheet & Certificates
  • Holographic PVC blister / ALU ALU for pharmaceuticals
Hologram sticker printing
Holographic Pouches

Production Facility

Our State-of-the-art Manufacturing Plants are based out of Noida & Jammu with modern in-house manufacturing facilities that cater to the requirements of large volume production orders ensuring highest quality standards.

Production Facility
Hologram printing machine
Hologram printer

The Business is equipped with the following manufacturing facilities:


  • Mastering lab facilities
  • Recombining facilities
  • Electroforming process facilities
  • Embossing facilities
  • Lamination facilities
  • Die Cutting facilities
  • Coating facilities
  • 1D/2D Bar Code/QR Code/ Laser numbering facilities
  • Metalizing facility (Aluminium & Zinc)
  • Hidden features incorporation facilities
  • Registered Lens Printing /Screen Printing
  • UV Coding facilities
  • Slitting / Micro slitting facilities
  • Sequential numbering facilities
  • Random numbering facility
  • Hot Stamping facilities
  • Flexo Printing facilities
Machinery Photographs





Coating Facility:

Coating Facility

Embossing Facility:

Embossing Facility

Paper label - Gallus EM 340 S:

Paper label - Gallus EM 340 S

Edale Beta 330-13’’

Edale Beta 330-13

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence isn't achieved overnight. It takes consistent and concerted efforts to build and sustain a culture over time.

Operational Excellence

UFlex has adopted several measures towards achieving incident-free performance (Safe working environment), and we constantly tread on our “Goal Zero” philosophy that targets at the elimination of incidents, defects and operational inefficiencies. Being world leaders in Holography, it is in our Corporate DNA to ensure that we provide exactly what the client wants at the most effective price coordinates.

At UFlex Holography Business, our goal is to deliver quality that instills confidence in our discerning buyers globally and become a benchmark for others.

We remain uncompromising in our adherence to excellence at every stage of production, right from the selection of raw materials till the final product delivery.

Hologram manufacturer
Hologram machines
Holographic machines
The UFlex Holographic Solution Advantage

1. Mastering Facility:

  • India’s best mastering Lab
  • Capacity to get the Master ready within 6 hours
  • Fastest delivery – Best results
  • 1,20, 000 DPI

2. Security Facility in the Manufacturing Premises:

  • The only Company with CCTVs, Internet AC’s systems with a strong room

3. Security Features in Holograms:

  • 30 security features;
  • Overt and covert animation;
  • Impossible to copy

4. Technical Capability in Mastering:

  • Can offer 1, 20, 000 DPI for sharp images with Litho.
  • More security features.

5. Basic Raw Material - Polyester:

  • In-house manufacturing facility;
  • Faster supplies

6. Adhesive Sourcing:

  • In-house manufacturing facility;
  • WB, H.M; S.B. Heat Resistance up to 75 degree Centigrade

7. R & D Department:

  • In-house R & D
  • New concepts every 6 months

8. Release Paper:

  • Use platinum base solvent less paper for better release

9. Laser / Inkjet / UV / Numbering:

  • In-house facility sheet and spool forms used

10. Grade of Polyester:

  • Super extra clear grade for extra clarity/ gloss

11. Lacquering/ Metallization/ Adhesive Coating:

  • In-house facility;
  • 06 metallizers running 24 hours;
  • Consistent quality;
  • ZnS , Alox and Pattern Metallization

Research & Development

UFlex Holography Business has an in-house R&D facility and fully trained manpower that delivers unmatched quality.

We are equipped with State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities and enjoy technology tie-ups with world leaders. This provides us an access to leading innovations in the industry.

Research & Development
UFlex holography testing lab
UFlex Holography reserch & development

We ensure that latest technology is at our disposal and the most efficient processes are in place at all times. With a strong foothold in innovating products and design, R&D Department of the Holography Business is committed to continuously refine and upgrade the processes and products being manufactured. Our fully equipped research laboratory is a result of core technical strength & an unwavering commitment for manufacturing holographic products. In addition, maximum emphasis is placed on security while manufacturing the hologram. We pay utmost attention towards housekeeping and hygiene in relation to materials, processes, storage and handling. Secured execution & delivery of any job is an important pillar in Holographic Industry. UFlex has ensured the same by installing card access system, bio-metric technology (thumb recognition system), in-house fully trained armed guards to restrict any unauthorized entry to the facilities and maintaining high-level security zone.

Our recent development Dyeable & Non Dyeable films provide unique advantage of matching colours of sequins as per your specific requirements which otherwise becomes difficult to procure. Equipped with the world’s best and widest range of latest hi-tech machinery, we are capable of fulfilling all your holographic film requirements.