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Aseptic Liquid Packaging

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The aseptic packaging manufacturing facility is first of its kinds with a production capacity of 7 Billion packs per annum. The plant is spread over 21 Acres of the sprawling 72 Acre land parcel that UFlex has bought at Sanand, Gujarat.

UFlex’s Aseptic Liquid Packaging Business offers a wide range of products under the brand name Asepto

Technical Support

We understand "Your every single minute is precious!"

For best results of seamless productivity & performance, we offer technical support to our clients in an endeavour to assist them with real time intervention to ensure operational continuity. because we do understand that your every single minute is precious!

Aseptic liquid packaging needs special technological skills and expertise. We deliver end –to-end personalised support, ensuring packmat machine interface that includes assistance and maintenance of packaging material from concept till commissioning.

Being from the House of UFlex, we strain every nerve to maintain an irreproachable reputation of paramount quality service and assistance to our clients.

About Us

  • On Ground Technical Assistance - From incident to resolution, our technical assistance team offers pre-requisite resources to resolve the issues and make a turn-around in the shortest possible time.From dedicated personalised system engineers to comprehensive packmat machine management, we are well equipped to provide quality service.
  • System Specific Engineers - Dedicated Specialised Engineers with hands on experience in handling various formats/systems of aseptic machines.
  • Performance Maintenance Services – Our team defines the life cycle of every component of our aseptic machines to maintain the efficient performance of the lines. In tandem with the clients’ requirements, the team evaluates and schedules future maintenance visits. The goal is to unleash the operational capacity of every unit, minimise downtime, and optimise overall cost of ownership.
  • Packmat Machine Interface - Our team of experts ensures 100% compatibility of packmat with the aseptic filling lines to produce desired packs and formats right from portion to family pack.
  • Package Quality Assurance – We assure packs’ integrity to produce a zero defect package. Pack sealing is tested in our quality lab and on site during the production process.
  • Timely Delivery of Authentic Spare Parts - Timely delivery of authentic spare parts is the most critical facet to ensure the business continuity in the best interest of our clients.With in-house production of our Aspeto filling lines and stocked spare parts we deliver and maintain the quality and performance of machines supplied to the clients.
  • Skill Training Services - We consider staff and stakeholders’ continual training with regards to the use and know-how of packmat and machines as an integral part of incrementally enhancing the overall Aseptic packaging experience simultaneously ensuring business continuum.

To Know More About Aseptic Liquid Packaging, Visit Asepto Website  www.asepto.com