Social sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility Philosophy

Uflex’s philosophy has been to attain operational excellence and being socio-environmentally responsive at the same time. UFlex has been giving impetus to CSR activities much prior to it becoming mandatory w.e.f. April, 2014 through the enactment of law by the Central Government.

UFlex around five years ago had realized that the businesses in the long term cannot grow without sustainable growth of the society. The basic rational is that every citizen of the country either individual or Corporate House draws various benefits from the society; therefore it in turn becomes their coextensive responsibility to return to society for the sustenance of economic development and growth which as a responsibility is generally entrusted upon the Government.

Being mindful of its responsibility towards the society, UFlex over the past several years has been engaged in supporting CSR projects in the field of SPORTS for the children from the vulnerable sections of society irrespective of caste, creed, religion, social status, ethnicity, gender, geographies etc.

UFlex remains committed to support many such projects to provide training for promoting rural; nationally recognized; paralympic and Olympic Sports in future too.

Coverage in the 7th Edition of LIVEWEEK CSR GOOD BOOK