Pouch Making 3D 12

Machine Picture

UFlex Engg Business

Technical Data

  • Machine Name: UFlex Pouch Making Machines
  • Model Name: Pouch Making 3D 12
  • Operation speed: 80-100 shots/Max-(As per pouch type, Height,width and Film structure)
  • Line Speed: 25-30Mtr/Min Maximum
  • Film Size: Main Unwind-300mm-1200mm, Bottom Gusset- 50mm 200 mm)
  • Pouch Size Range: Pouch width100mm-300mm(Skipping Optional upto900)
  • Pouch Height: 140mm-600mm
  • Prime movers: Servo Motors Induction Motor(A.C)
  • Interface: HMI Screen with colored moniter
  • Dimensions: Length-15 Mtr, Width-3 Mtr,Height-3 Mtr
  • Optional Attachment: Slider Attachment(Suitable with uflex zipper slider with Or without Diaphram-Patented)
  • Types Of Pouches: 3 side seal on 2 UP basis (Optional with 4 UP basis), Stand Up/DOYPACK (Optional) on 2-UP Basis, Standup Pouch zipper on 2-UP basis and 3 side seal with slider on 2-UP basis
  • Type of unwind: Horizontal

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