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Sustainability has been the guiding force behind our innovations. At UFlex, sustainability and innovation have always gone hand in hand.

Our six-pronged sustainability initiative focuses on:

  • Lowering Energy Consumption
  • Using Renewable Resources
  • Maximizing Post Consumer Recyclate Usage
  • Reducing all Production Waste
  • Reusing Recyclable Production Waste
  • Using all Non-Recyclable Waste to Produce Energy

We at UFlex always strive for cutting edge innovation to offer maximum value to our customers meeting their packaging requirements.

Assuming the utmost responsibility towards environment and sustainability we have christened the following:

  • Green PET films (containing 30% of Green Input): Mono-Ethylene Glycol (MEG) constitutes 30% of the input Poly Ethylene Terephthalate (PET) resin from which our BOPET films are made. In Green PET films, conventional MEG that is made from scarce non-renewable petro based feedstock has been totally replaced by green MEG that is sourced from bio-ethanol made from renewable agro inputs. Green PET films are approved for direct food contact by the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) and European Union authorities and have the same properties as conventional BOPET films. This is world’s first green polyester product that has won several international awards for sustainability.
  • rPET films (contain up to 30% of Post Consumer Waste Recyclate Resin): This is another green innovation which contains up to 30% post-consumer recylate PET (rPET) resins obtained by re-processing post consumer PET waste like used PET bottles. This waste would otherwise be consigned to landfills. rPET films are also compliant with US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) and European Union authority norms for direct food contact and have the same properties as films made from virgin PET resins.
  • Down-gauged Conversion Substrates: We have developed the world’s first 6.5 micron BOPET films that are suitable for printing and lamination. These run at the same speeds during conversion as conventional higher thickness films and provide significant source reduction ranging from 33% to 47%. They have much lower carbon footprint than the films they replace.
  • Antistatic PET Film for Twist Wrapping: This film facilitates excellent twist wrapping operations. It delivers 50% higher packing speeds than cellophane and more than double of those obtained from Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC films) besides being much more environment friendly.
  • Bio & Oxo Degradable BOPP Films: To support our sustainability initiatives, we have developed various grades of Bio & Oxo Degradable BOPP films.
    Biodegradable Films:
    Made from agricultural sources or fossil fuel sources & One –step bio-degradation (ASTM 6400/6868 & EU 13432)
    Oxo-biodegradable Films:
    Made from conventional fossil fuel sources & modified with additives for “controlled life”. It entails two steps: disintegration and then biodegradation (ASTM 6954 04)

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