DRM 600 / 500 / 400

Machine Picture

UFlex Engg Business

Technical Data

  • Machine Name: UFlex Doctoring Machine
  • Model Name: DRM 600 / 500 / 400 (Doctoring Machine-400)
  • Machine color: Off White
  • Machine Speed: 120mpm
  • Unwind Shaft: Air Expandable
  • Maximum Web Width: 400 mm
  • Minimum Web width: 100mm
  • Maximum Reel Diameter: 400 mm max.
  • Inside Core Diameter: 76 mm
  • Direction of Unwinding: Both side
  • Floating Type Unwind with: Using DC motor actuator operated by ultrasonic sensor with Web Guiding System
  • Rewind Shaft: Air Expandable
  • Maximum Reel Diameter: 400 mm max.
  • Inside Core Diameter: 76 mm
  • Core material: Paper and plastic core
  • Direction of Rewinding: One side

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