Uflex continually raising the bar of competition in the globalflexible packagingindustry

We are living in an age where competition is the order of the day and the Darwinian theory of ‘Survival of the fittest’ the guiding axiom. Gone are the days when packaging was restricted to merely wrapping and containing the product till it reached the end user. Today packaging has evolved much as an art as the science it already is. A lot thus rides on the shoulder of packaging.slider-product-banner

India’s largest multinational flexible packaging materials and Solution Company is credited for revolutionizing the Indian market with unit packs / sachets back in the eighties. The Founder and CMD, Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi at that time had walked the road untraveled andwent about completely changing the landscape for Indian FMCG companies in 1985. That was indeed the turning point.

Making stead-fast progress thereafter with ravishing aesthetics, enhanced functionality; superior barrier properties; foolproof anti-counterfeiting/ brand protection features and upholding the socio-environmental sustainability promise, Uflex crossed several milestones in the flexible packaging industry surging much ahead of the peers.

The company has come a long way ever since, infusing path breaking innovation in all facets of flexible packaging be it packaging films; packaging products like pre-formed pouches, laminate rolls, tubes, big bags; packaging &converting machines; inks, adhesives and polyols; rotogravure cylinders & flexographic sleeves / plates orunmatched anti-counterfeiting & brand protection solutions.

Today the consumers are more informed than ever, thanks to the advent of the internet. Not only do they know about brands, but also are fairly aware ofother names in the same space. They are raring to take chances in experimenting newer products. They don’t mind purchasing expensive product as long as it offers complete value for money. Likewise the brands are leaving no stone unturned for wooing customers in an attempt to grab a sizeable pie of the market.

Here comes the ‘All pervasive’ role of packaging that helps shaping the first and often the last impression on the retail shelf. Since the turn of the century, brands across the world have been increasingly coordinating with the marketing and R&D teams of Uflex to get packaging solutions that are ‘BESPOKE’ in the truest sense.

Being a fully integrated end to end flexible packaging materials and solution company, Uflex has been enhancing its technological prowess through new and innovative product development and substantive process improvements. The sheer strength of the company lies in its proximity with global customers and the ability to ensureany quantum of Just-In-Time deliveries across the world. The speed to market reach further is enviable to reap the first mover advantage. Since no two packaging solution made by the company are the same, Uflex always strives that the packaging solution that it comes up withTODAY is several notches above both in quality and performancethan what it came up with YESTERDAY.

This progressively incremental and steadfast progress by Uflex has significantly raised the bar for competition in the flexible packaging industry not only in India, but also overseas. This has resulted in a shakeout in the market that has successfully filtered out several players in the un-organized sector who could not match the pace and scale of organizations like Uflex.

Over the years Uflex has become the face of the flexible packaging industry in the country and is a driving agent for innovation to create value-added differentiation for its customers across the globe.

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