3 Key Elements to Effective Packaging Design

3 Key Elements to Effective Packaging Design

An average supermarket carries over 40,000 items, creating a daunting task for brands when it comes to attracting customers to their products. The array of choices on the shelves allows shoppers to make the majority of their buying decisions in the supermarket or store itself. As a result, the packaging is what makes a product stand out in the eyes of the consumers!

Packaging design is no longer just about aesthetics, but also encompasses improving consumer’s perception about the product’s quality. It educates the shopper about the product, leading to an interaction between the consumer and the brand. For instance, more and more brands are using minimal sustainable packaging to attract eco-conscious consumers and highlighting their commitment towards the environment.

All these factors make it necessary for brands to create a well-designed package from the get-go. With that being said, let’s take a look at how you can achieve effective packaging design.

Perceived Value

On an average, a consumer takes only 13 seconds to decide whether a product is worth their money. That means the moment a consumer sets their sights on a product, they immediately assign a value to the product. So packaging design should meet the consumer’s expectations with high-quality graphics that make them feel good about their purchase!

Clear Sense of Brand Purpose

Playing with packaging design is always encouraged, but the packaging needs to give the customer clarity about what the product is and what it does. For instance, a hair-care brand uses a straight-to-the-point approach with the difference its product can make. The commitment by the brand on the product packaging is clear indicator to both the problem and the solution. Moreover, it reinforces the brand’s promise to promote organic and sustainable beauty products.

Makes an Impact

Packaging design does not need to shout out loud from shelves as long as it’s successful at provoking emotions. In fact, a very popular study called, “The Impact of Color in Marketing” found that certain colors conjure emotional responses. The same rule applies to shape and structure of the pack on the retail shelf. For instance, innovative designs like stand-up pouches and transparent tube packaging also create excitement amongst consumers, making the product instantly recognizable and unique.

What’s Trending in Packaging Design?

Packaging is the first interaction that your customers have with the product. Appearance is not everything but the design goes a long way in helping shoppers choose one product over the other.

A survey conducted by the Paper and Packaging Board found that 67% of consumers agree that when selecting a product, they are often influenced by the material of the packaging as well. With transparency becoming a priority for consumers in these changing times, brands have to focus on giving clear and concise labeling that also gives information about the environmental impact of the packaging!

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