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Chandan Chattaraj writes an exclusive OPED for People and Management about the Transforming HR in a New World of Work 2020!


Skill and innovation gap poses a serious challenge for any company: Mr. Chandan Chattaraj, President HR speaks with Business World

05 June, 2018 by Taniya Tikoo | BW people

It is important for us to emphasize is that we use robots just as tools to eliminate repetitive tasks. Modern robots can surpass humans in some procedures, but in tasks such as hiring, humans still hold the edge.

In an exclusive interview with BW People, Mr. Chandan Chattaraj, President HR (India & Global) Uflex Limited talks about the importance of an inspiring workplace, the expectations from a futuristic CHRO. He also underlines the fine line between Talent Acquisition (TA) and Hiring

Mr. Chandan Chattaraj writes an exclusive OPED for People Matters about the transformation in the Talent Acquisition landscape!

May 05, 2018 | People Matters

Does employer branding lead to more efficient Talent Acquisition practice? What strategies should one follow to streamline TA Practices? Read on to find out.

“A company’s ability to be competitive, manage business performance and execute strategy increasingly depends on its finesse to manage workforce strategically. Talent Acquisition (TA) today is a strategic function and takes a lot of time of the key duo – the CEO & the CHRO in any organization. It is both a science and an art, it has moved completely away from the unstructured and traditional way to competency-based structured function.”


Global employees in a global village

The world being a global village, hiring cannot be confined to limited geography in this talent-hungry job market. Global companies like us look out for employees who can make a difference to the organization with specialized skills and competencies. Today Talent Acquisition teams are always on their toes and proactively locate, source and manage talent on a global basis. There could be Mexicans working in US plants, French working in Poland plant, Filipinos working in Dubai plant apart from Indians working in different parts of the world. For a global organization, Talent Acquisition must rise above the limitations posed by geographical barriers.

Our President HR Mr. Chandan Chattaraj speaks with Human Resources Magazine about choosing the right appraisal system

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