Healthcare & Pharma Packaging – Packaging an Enhanced Experience of Sustainability

Healthcare & Pharma Packaging – Packaging an Enhanced Experience of Sustainability

The purpose of packaging in the life sciences and healthcare industry ranges from protecting the products to facilitating utilization and extending the shelf life. The global pharma packaging industry, in the recent few years, has been rethinking its strategy around sustainability and its entire packaging methods to be in tune with the rising sustainability standards and EPR guidelines. Increasing the use of renewable packaging materials, safe and reusable transport packaging for packaging of healthcare products, and reducing CO2 emissions in manufacturing and supply networks, are some of the vital methods adopted in the creation of a safer, more sustainable healthcare packaging for a better tomorrow.

In the vision to create a circular economy recyclable packaging is gaining preference for the packaging of healthcare, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and life sciences products. Recyclable packaging uses lightweight materials, primarily a similar family of mono-materials, and integrates the virtue of technological innovation, leaving behind zero carbon emissions without compromising on the health and happiness of the consumers and the environment.

Across the world organizations working around better and safe healthcare facilities are working to bring about a paradigm shift in the packaging of healthcare products. ‘Alliance to Zero’, a non-profit membership association for pharma and biotech supply chain companies, aims to bring out a significant shift among supply chain partners and manufacturers and facilitate the transition of the pharma sector to comply with net-zero emissions in line with the goal of the Paris Climate Agreement. The World Packaging Organization (WPO) in collaboration with the Sustainable Medicines Partnership(SMP) is making efforts to spread awareness regarding the need for sustainable packaging solutions in an attempt to curb medical waste, reduce CO2 emissions and “make medicines more accessible and more sustainable”. Similarly, HPRC (Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council) seeks to enhance the recyclability of plastic products and packaging in the healthcare industry. Developing practical, safe, and affordable recycling options for plastics and packaging used in healthcare delivery.

The recently launched Alliance to Modernize Prescribing Information (AMPI) intends to increase patient safety and minimize environmental waste by upgrading paper pharmaceutical prescribing information utilized by both physicians and pharmacists. The idea is to label up-to-date patient safety information using current digital platforms.

Navigating the business with recyclable and reusable materials.

The choice of recyclable and flexible packaging materials is crucial to developing solutions that are functional, cost-effective, and hygienic. Sustainable packaging products such as Aseptic liquid packaging structures and structures made of mono-material are now being widely used in global pharma industries. Reusable trays and containers improve manufacturing efficiency within the plant and are used to transport pharmaceutical products to ensure the movement of products and keep the supply chain moving.

In recent times, innovations such as IoT, reusable coolant packs, temperature-controlled bulk shippers, and pooling services have increased the value proposition for reusables in the pharmaceutical industry.

With the healthcare & pharmaceutical sector evolving, the Indian pharmaceutical packaging market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 6.8%(as per a study by India Ratings and Research). With a demand for sustainable packaging and the purpose to decarbonize the sector by an increasingly aware and educated customer base, the flexible packaging industry has also witnessed substantial growth in recent years. Flexible packaging offers the pharmaceutical business several benefits, including enhanced features and convenience in packaged items. Improvements such as child-resistant, tamper-proof, and anti-counterfeit packaging have come up in response to global demands. Pharmaceuticals, like most other packaged goods, require a dependable and innovative packaging solution that combines quality, protection, and efficiency.

Lead With Packaging Solutions By UFlex!

UFlex is the leading flexible packaging solution and a global leader in polymer sciences that offers affordable, innovative, sustainable and value-added packaging solutions to its patrons spread around the world. Our portfolio of customized solutions in pharma packaging includes Strip Foil, blister pack for medicines packaging, Child Resistant Foil, Cold Form, Alu-AluLaminates, and Suppository Film. UFlex offers tailor-made consumer discernible packaging solutions, which provide unique brand identity and highly specialized brand protection packaging solutions that add value and prevent from the threats of counterfeiting. UFlex range of holographic solutions made of overt and covert features, help pharma industry distinguish their products from spurious drugs in the market. The company also offers aseptic liquid packaging solutions suitable to pack oral & nutritional drinks for its clients across the globe. As a responsible organization, UFlex imbibes sustainability in its DNA, and focuses on developing sustainable solutions that benefits the entire ecosystem leaving behind no carbon footprint. The company also has recycling infrastructures at its strategic locations where it recycles both industrial and post-consumption mixed plastic and PET waste that adds to development of a circular economy.

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