The Importance of The Right Packaging in The Growth of a Brand

The Importance of The Right Packaging in The Growth of a Brand

The power of proper packaging has significantly risen over time, since as eager as customers are to see what’s inside, that first glimpse of the product might just be the difference between long-term brand loyalty or a disappointed customer base. Brands have upped their packaging game, realizing that not only high-quality products but also the right packaging, is the key to great customer satisfaction. Whether bought online or through in-store shopping, the packaging is a buyer’s first impression of the product that often leads to representing the product and the brand as a whole.

Product Packaging plays a vital role in building brand recognition and heavily influences consumer buying behaviour an aspect of production and marketing that shouldn’t be overlooked. Packaging in general caters to many needs including but not limited to protection, improved usability, providing information and safety. Furthermore, the right packaging with relevant info-graphics a quintessential design with a sustainable approach impacts sales and brand awareness to a great extent.

The right packaging with a clear, concise brand message reflects its identity and what it stands for. It speaks volumes about the brand’s core values serving as an essential communication channel between the consumer and the brand itself. Brand messages which are true to their values and pride in authenticity and sustainability offer consumers a whole experience and help build strong brand loyalty.

According to The Paper Worker, one-third of a consumer’s decision-making is based solely on product packaging. Developing it as a crucial marketing tool, brands have put great emphasis on creating a product that the consumers will remember long after they have seen it, perhaps in a shop or stumbled upon while browsing online. Unique personalized packaging design, an optimal color scheme, and the use of Recycled Packaging materials, attention to minute details are some of the key methods adopted by brands over the recent years to transform their products into memorable items.

Furthermore, with a rise in eco-conscious customers, many Packaging Solution Companies have turned to naturally sourced, reusable, and Flexible Packaging Materials,  eliminating packaging waste, resulting in “ green ” products, a step closer to a sustainable future.

The need of the hour is to develop distinctive package designs that not only focus on standing out on the shelf but also add significant value to establishing a distinctive brand identity and hence provide an impetus to the customers looking to buy that specific product.

“Good packaging protects your product. Great packaging protects your brand.” (Mintel)

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With a belief in manufacturing and providing cutting-edge packaging solutions, we have grown from strength to strength. We have an extensive range of manufacturing capacity for Packaging Films, flexible packaging, printing, and other value-added packaging applications that cater to our clients spread across 140 countries. We enjoy a formidable market presence, thereby becoming India’s largest flexible packaging manufacturer and one of the most reliable Flexible Packaging Companies in India. Our commitment to the industry is visible in our all-out efforts to provide technical know-how and thereby establish thought leadership and mastering distinctive packaging solutions that meet our client’s flexible packaging requirements. Intricate research and  high-tech equipment to ensure nothing less than advanced polymeric research and barrier technologies for an extended shelf life of products with its world-class packaging. We are dedicated to revolutionising food packaging sentiment in India and abroad with our value-added innovations and development of modern flexible packaging solutions, customised to perfection!

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