Aseptic Liquid Packaging- The Undisputed King of The Market, Now Conquering The Post-Pandemic World

Aseptic Liquid Packaging- The Undisputed King of The Market, Now Conquering The Post-Pandemic World

Aseptic Packaging is a globally accepted technique for packaging of liquids and semi-solids contents ideally for on the go drinking. The term “aseptic” comes from the Greek word “septicos,” which means “without potentially pathogenic microorganisms” in food.

Therefore, aseptic packaging is the filling of a commercially sterile product into a sterile container under aseptic conditions and then hermetically sealing the containers so that it completely eradicates the possibility of contamination. It also ensures that your food doesn’t require refrigeration and remains bacteria-free. Aseptic packaging is mostly used for liquid commodities like dairy, dairy alternatives, juice and for non-carbonated alcoholic beverage packaging, etc.

In Aseptic Liquid Packaging a multi-layered construction is made up of 75% of paperboard while the remaining comprises aluminum, and PE /MPE.that protects from spoilage and increases the shelf life of the product for long by maintaining chemical and sensory properties that keeps the packed content in its most pristine state.Owing to several factors such as rapid urbanization, on-the-go consumption, ready-to-consume trend and diversification of product portfolio the need for Aseptic liquid packaging is on the rise. As per GM insights the market for Aseptic Liquid Packaging was valued at USD 50.86 billion and is expected to register a CAGR of 8.7% between by the end of 2027. This growth is expected to come on account of growth of packaging industry in emerging economies of Asia Pacific region including India, China and Japan that trigger rise in consumption of Aseptic Packaging.

Aseptic packaging has so far played the anchor’s role to strike a balance of consumer convenience, brand goals, and sustainability concerns. Beyond increasing the shelf life of products, aseptic packs offer outstanding shelf appeal that helps brands position their products distinctively on the retail shelves to outshine competition.

Aseptic packaging has been shown to keep packed goods fresh for an estimated period from 6-9 months without refrigeration and no added preservatives, depending on the application, and is a viable alternative to pack food.

Apart from its performance attributes, it’s lightweight, compact, and portability help manufacturers reduce shipping and distribution costs substantially. The real benefit is that the amount of branding area available on such packs is far more than other packaging options available, resulting in better value for money. Its packaging materials primarily consist of renewable resources making it all the more suitable for the growing environmentally conscious consumers.

Covid-19 outbreak and rise of Aseptic Liquid Packaging

The pandemic took the world through extreme paranoia and health concern, as a result unprecedented changes in the spectrum of food & beverage packaging were observed. Hygiene & safety suddenly became the top priority of consumers, while brands geared to enhance their sustainability quotient as well to ensure their preparedness for the future. Hence packaging solution companies adopted the approach to strike a balance between sustainability and hygiene requirements of the consumers. They made efforts to accommodate the cost, convenience, and market standards while simultaneously minimizing the environmental impacts, reducing the chances of cross-contamination, and following safe manufacturing practices at the forefront.

With an earnest commitment to ‘Freshness Preserved,’ Asepto the Aseptic Liquid Packaging business brand from the house of UFlex,provides innovative liquid packaging solutions to a large number of beverage brands across the world.

Asepto has conceptualized its product portfolio on the 3 P’s of Packaging i.e. PRESERVE, PROTECT and PROMOTE keeping in mind the perspectives of brands and the consumers.Its major offerings include Brick Packs, Trio Packs, and Pillow Packs that interest brand owners to pack their liquid contents. Asepto’ Brick Packs are compact, energy-efficient, lightweight, and multi-layered & high-barrier packs that prevent packed content to contaminate packed contents with the outside environment. Similarly, Trio Packs and Pillow Packs are also optimized with high-barrier for protection against contamination, but alongside, it also provides visually appealing aesthetics and anti-counterfeiting solutions. Pillow packs are mostly used for Dairy Packaging by dairy brands; these packs are consumed by households on a daily basis. Optimized with the best material application consisting of paperboard, aluminum, and polyethylene, our Aseptic liquid packaging makes sure that the packaged products are protected from oxygen, moisture, direct light, and other environmental factors. Our packaging design technology includes a blend of enhanced aesthetics, color schemes, functionalities, and brand protection features among others. Our product portfolio caters to 90% of the total domestic demand making us the most preferred aseptic liquid packaging company in India. With our state-of-the-art solutions and with customers’ demands in consideration, we are determined to elevate the benchmarks of aseptic liquid packaging and position ourselves among the most preferred aseptic liquid packaging companies worldwide.

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