What’s Trending In Beauty And Personal Care Packaging?

What’s Trending In Beauty And Personal Care Packaging?

Since ever the world returned to normalcy, there has been a lot of focus on health and hygiene. The beauty sector that witnessed a major setback has made a strong comeback since the world graduated to a new normal.This combined with the shift to e-commerce stores has resulted in a significant rise in the consumer’s demand for beauty and personal care products. Beauty and personal care companies are therefore innovating new solutions that do not just deal with the evolving lifestyle and high volume sales on one hand but are also taking the onus to stand at par and responsibly abide by the environmental standards by adopting more and more Sustainable Packaging formats that promote easy recyclability and reduces greenhouse emissions.

Big brands in the personal care segment are coming together to help the industry address the environmental challenges they face. The objective is to create a scoring system that will assess the environmental impact of beauty products through packaging, ingredients, usage, etc. As a result, beauty and personal care brands are rethinking their entire product cycle to understand the areas where improvements can be made that stands at par with the environment concerns. Innovative applications such as refillable formats and paper-based structures are paving the way for beauty and personal care brands to address the sustainability issue.

Top Trends in Beauty and Personal Care Packaging

The year 2025 is approaching, which many governments and brands have chosen as the year for fulfilling their targets to reduce waste production. This has resulted in a growing interest in flexible packaging solutions that can replace single-use packaging.

Key flexible packaging solutions that are set to give a facelift to beauty & personal care segment are:

Trend #1 – Paper-Based Packaging

Paper-Based Packaging includes cardboard, paperboard, paper bags, etc. The reason behind its newly found popularity is that in comparison to other materials, the pulp, paper and print sector is one of the lowest industrial emitters at 1% of the world’s GHG emissions. Since paper is primarily composed of natural forestry materials, it is much more recyclable and reusable than the others.

Apart from its recyclability, paper is also incredibly flexible and versatile. Companies can leverage on creative propositions to achieve their brand aesthetics directly on the Paper Packaging to increase brand visibility!

Trend #2 – Post-consumer Recycled Plastics

The use of Post-consumer recycled (PCR)in multi-layered plastic packaging is shaping up like never before. Essentially, it refers to paper or plastic that has already gone through the first stage of use and has been repurposed. Not only does it minimize the environmental harm, but also maximizes profits for companies with reduced use of plastics.

Since it is available in various types of resin, this kind of Flexible Packaging allows brands to be innovative with their packaging options.

Trend #3 – Minimalistic Design

Even with Recyclable Packaging, the visual appeal of the products cannot be forgotten. Consumers have shown a positive response to products that focus on minimalistic design that highlights the organic ingredients used in the product, company’s environmental activism efforts and so on. Global brands like Glossier have made it their design choice to combine the aesthetics of ecology and usability for a distinct and sleek-looking packaging.

What do the Trends Mean For The Beauty and Personal Care Industry?

The recent developments in the digital and manufacturing sector have resulted in a rising demand for cosmetics, predicting the Indian beauty business to become a $30 billion market by 2025. With the growing demand comes the need for greater transparency. What all these trends have in common is that they provide proof to consumers of the brand’s green efforts.

Flexible Packaging offers the beauty industry packaging that resonates with educated and eco-conscious consumers. Besides being airtight, it also incorporates sturdy protective barrier material that helps retain the freshness of powder, gels and oils offered by beauty and personal care brands. More importantly, it helps brands step closer to their sustainability goals. In India beauty segment market is witnessing an upsurge. With more consumers taking proactive steps to achieve a more sustainable and holistic approach towards their beauty regimen that serves them in the long term.

Here’s How UFlex Can Help Your Brand Benefit From These Trends!

Today sustainability is becoming the new “cool” beyond just a matter of compliance. It is interesting to see brands considering sustainable packaging solutions that meet the consumers’ expectations for brand quality and sustainability. UFlex provides innovative, Flexible Packaging Solutions to help beauty and personal care brands take a consumer-driven approach as their business advances.

UFlex the largest Flexible Packaging Supplier in India is paving the way for greener and cost-effective packaging solutions. The unique properties of our Paper-Based Tube KRAFTIKA and ultra-transparent OPTIKA FlexiTubes have revolutionized tube packaging with improved stiffness, high bounce-back and reduced use of plastic at source. Our Gravure Printing Cylinders and electronic beam coating technology allow us to offer a myriad of possibilities with 360 degree printing and HD quality packaging that immediately catches the customer’s attention.

Furthermore, Anti-Counterfeiting features of our Holographic Films help maintain a consistent and reliable brand image in the beauty and personal care market.

As a vertically integrated Packaging Company with presence across the value chain, we firmly believe in our goal of advancing our efforts to contribute to the circular economy through innovating material science and technology.

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