Packaging Tips for Start-Ups

Packaging Tips for Start-Ups
Packing Tips for Startups

Packaging Tips for Business Start Ups

Leveraging itself as the silent salesman, packaging speaks volume about a product. Soulful and purposeful packaging not only attracts customers but enables conversions. It helps the audience distinguish and recognise the product amongst the over-populated clutter and sets a standard for the brand in the eyes of its target audience.

In India, the Packaging Industry has been constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the customers. From the sole purpose of protecting the goods to an advanced role of a packaged advertisement, packaging as a marketing tool has progressed manifold. With the increasing penetration of brands in the e-commerce business, the Packaging Companies are continuously expanding and enhancing the technologies and techniques used to develop innovative pcakging.

Emergence of new food businesses in the FMCG space, within the e-commerce industry itself has pushed Packaging Manufacturers to come up with cost-effective and quality driven solutions for the market. Especially, the Food Packaging Companies demand to extend the shelf life of their products while keeping intact the freshness and taste has modified packaging and positively impacted sales on both ends. With the scope to reap these benefits, many new players have emerged in the market recently.

With every product decision, the need for suitable packaging only gets consequential. From listing down your purpose & expectations of your audience to realizing how you want to create an impact in the industry that you exist in, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered for small businesses.

The world of packaging is an ever-evolving space that has the scope of innovation beyond imagination. With a diverse and innovative product portfolio ranging from packaging films, flexible packaging, Aseptic Liquid Packaging, engineering, printing cylinders, chemicals, and Holography UFlex is a fully vertically integrated packaging materials and solutions company catering to flexible packaging requirements of the world from its manufacturing facilities at India, Dubai, Mexico, Poland, Egypt, USA and Russia. As a global leader in packaging solutions, UFlex talks about staying relevant and committed to the purpose while progressively contributing towards the growth of the manufacturing industry in the country.

Know Your Audience-

While the broader purpose remains as maintaining safety, hygiene, and standard of the product, begin by knowing the smallest details of your product, your audience, and your market. It is crucial to identify and resonate with your target audience. It is only after achieving this, you will be able to stand out from the crowd and communicate with them in the best way possible.

To make the right people notice your product in the right way, learn about their purchasing habits and their spending patterns and then deliver your brand values effectively. This will also help you to decide the size of investment required for packaging alone.

Don’t be in a Rush To Stand Out-

Thoroughly researching about your competitors and paving the way out to be noticeable is only half the work done. To be able to make a difference with your proposition, strategic positioning of your brand along with clearly defining the usability and functionality of your product, are equally important. Take into consideration the experience of a consumer- the unboxing, the span of usage and storage, the possibility of re-using the packaging, etc. while choosing a unique and interactive packaging for your brand.

Minimise The Waste-

With the depletion of resources and the adverse effects of climate change, as an upcoming business, it is imperative to realize the importance of co-existing and consciously taking efforts to minimize waste in our ecosystem.

After going through the process of finalizing your purpose and target audience, once you list down your budget and techniques for customer satisfaction, take a look at how your business is impacting the environment. This will help you realize not only the materials being wasted but also will reflect on the added cost to the company. Hence, investing in technology and planning for sustainability is an undisputed area for startups and small businesses to consider, right from the beginning.

Packaging matters and plays a huge role in expanding your business. Taking trials to test out what works the best for you is an investment for a longer run. Capitalising on the right type of packaging will build the confidence of your audience and strengthen your own belief in your product as well. Remember to always leave space for customisation and feedback once your
product hits the shelves.

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