Importance of Packaging for Online Businesses

Importance of Packaging for Online Businesses

With the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic hitting, online businesses are flourishing more than ever. More and more people are ordering products online and are becoming aware of new brands. This increased demand however also points at increased competition among brands. Apart from the product, what stands out these days is the packaging of the product. Packaging these days is more than just a box and is a gateway to building a good brand while ensuring safety and hygiene for the packed contents. With customers’ demand for safe, damage free and Sustainable Packaging, multi-layer and Asepto Packaging has become topic of deliberations. There are several advantages of such packaging techniques which are as under:

1. Longer Shelf Life of Products

Perishable products like vegetables, beverages etc. need packaging that does not cause damage or decay to the product before it reaches the customer. Multi-layer and Asepto Packaging involve packaging the product in sterile environments at optimized temperatures to ensure that the product is fresh and uncontaminated when it reaches the customers. Aseptic packaging uses polyethylene and film foil which prevents moisture, microorganisms, light and oxygen from entering the package. This ensures longer shelf life of products and helps maintain quality standards.

2. Reduces Cost

Multi-Layer Packaging ensures that the product is completely safe and undamaged even after having travelled long distances. This ensures that the customer receives the product in the most pristine state and the online business avoids the cost that it may have incurred in returning and replacing the product. Refunding the customer also causes expenditure for the business. Apart from this, most importantly, good packaging reduces the hassle for the customer that comes with the whole return and refund process and makes the customer trust the brand.

3. Cost-effective Shipping and Distribution

Aspetic Liquid Packaging is the trend forever in the liquid packaging space. Aspetic liquid packaging offers barrier properties; hence it does not allow oxygen, light or moisture to enter the product and is very light-weight. Since the packaging is done in temperature suitable for the product, the product does not require refrigeration or any other external protection while it is transported and distributed. Being light-weight, compact and not requiring refrigeration reduces not just the cost of transportation but is also saves time.

4.Ensures Quality

As Aseptic packaging is done in sterile environment, it increases the shelf-life of the liquid products without the need to include preservatives. This maintains the original quality of the product. For most food products the smell, taste and freshness would be compromised in traditional packages which travelled long distances. But Aseptic packaging avoids that and brings fresh and healthy products to customers.

5. Environmental Friendly

Aseptic packaging is done using a process that requires less energy consumption. Not just that, unlike traditional methods, the materials used for packaging are renewable and use considerably less amount of plastic. Being sustainable, it helps online businesses establish themselves as a brand that cares for the environment. It also promotes awareness about the environment amongst the customers. With unboxing videos becoming popular on youtube, the importance of packaging that keeps in mind the well-being of the environment is also rising. Brands that look beyond their profit-motive are appreciated.

6. Customer Loyalty

Good packaging is the first impression a customer has of the product. It ensures the customer of the product quality and provides ease in using the product. Brand logo and design of the packaging establish brand value. Good packaging therefore builds customer satisfaction and makes them return again and again to the brand that they trust. This customer loyalty is invaluable to online businesses facing tremendous competition. Good packaging can help your brand stand out from the rest and give you loyal customers who do not just purchase your products but also help in word-of-mouth promotion.

Good packaging – Multi-layered or Aseptic liquid packaging is no more a choice but a need for businesses to amplify their product packaging in the online business space. A simple change in product packaging can bring about huge changes to your brand identity and value. Make the switch from traditional packaging and see for yourself!

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