Flexible Packaging major Uflex rolls out natural resource conservation initiatives

Keeping its promise to progressively contribute towards a cleaner and greener planet, India’s largest global flexible packaging solution company Uflex has rolled out natural resource conservation initiatives in partnership with  Fiinovation- a technical  research based consulting organization  and AROH Foundation- a  leading civil society organization,  acclaimed for its work in social development  and environmental restoration.

Natural Resource Conservation and Optimization initiatives will entail sustained engagement in four villages of Gautam Buddha Nagar District with an overarching aim to build the capacity of the community to conserve and optimize the natural resource base. This would involve construction of carefully planned in-situ and ex-situ rainwater harvesting structures that include field bunds and farm ponds to arrest rain water, organic and inorganic mulching to protect soil cover and plantation drive.

Horticulture species shall be grown on the community and individually owned land which shall provide fodder for the livestock all year round while also supplementing the farmers’ income by bearing fruits.

Over a period of 3 years, around 400 farmers will stand to benefit from the programme that has just been rolled out. The structured engagement that involves participation of all stakeholders like village panchayat, farmers, local administration and social workers will result in improvement of ground water level due to percolation; better availability of water for domestic and agricultural use; reduced soil erosion and overall enhancementof the air and water quality leading to improved health quotient of village inhabitants.

Soon after launching the interventions, Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman & Managing Director, Uflex Limited in an official statement said, “Uflex accords very high value to socio-environmental responsiveness. With the cooperation of all stakeholders who have pledged their support for this initiative, we are very optimistic for bringing about tangible changes for rejuvenating the eco-system of the villages that we are working in. Uflex will document the good practices thus evolved so that these interventions could be scaled up and replicated by others for the larger good of mother earth.”

Sustainability: A Packaging Essential

Packaging Sustainability is being looked at with much interest and seriousness by manufacturers, brands and consumers alike. In fact this has changed the sheer way in which the manufacturers and brands are putting forth the packaging proposition. Today, Packaging is appreciated as a key source for brands to display and communicate their sustainability credentials to their consumers. Since packaging is inalienable to the overall product experience, it finds a special place in the sustainability narrative.

In the present day and time, responsible and recyclable packaging has become a rule rather than a norm.


Growth of Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability has been shaping consumer perceptions and preferences. Sustainable packaging is no longer seen as merely a value added feature. In fact, as a natural extension to a brand’s personality, sustainable packaging is all poised to be a game changer. Consumers are placing sustainability high up in the list of must-haves. This shift extends to all aspects of a company’s operational and manufacturing processes. It is imperative for manufacturers to establish their environmental practices in a strong and transparent manner.

With packaging being the visual aspect of the brand on the market shelves and serving as the last point of contact between purchaser and brand,  it deserves special attention and must be designed to emphatically showcase their concern towards the environment in a clear,  attractive and informative manner.

According to a recent report by MarketsandMarkets, the sustainable packaging market will be worth USD 303.60 billion by 2020


Flexible Packaging and Sustainability

With flexible packaging being in high demand especially in the FMCG sector, sustainable packaging has in fact increased the demand for flexible packaging as it is lighter, economical, and convenient and can be modified into the shape of choice, further demonstrating other functional benefits like re-sealability and closure.

Flexible packaging begins its lifecycle with much less waste which mean a reduction in landfill discards and lesser energy for disposing off. Innovations and an evolving technology allow flexible packaging manufactures to produce packages with much lesser strain on natural resources. Flexible packaging requires much less energy during manufacturing, transportation, storage and disposal when compared to rigid packaging. This translates to reduced water requirement and lower energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and other volatile organic compounds. The approach towards sustainability offers a competitive business advantage that manufacturers should not lose sight of. Good environmental performance and business value when working in tandem create great brands.

Sustainable Innovation at Uflex

India’s largest global flexible packaging solution company Uflex, is a trendsetter when it comes to sustainable innovation and commitment towards the ‘Circular Economy’. Upholding its pledge for mother earth, Uflex incessantly innovates to produce eco-friendly flexible packaging solutions that are re-processable and hence leave lesser carbon footprint.

Uflex has developed a technology and set up a plant for reprocessing the waste arising out of production of various flexible packaging products. This helps in reduction of material waste at the landfills.

Light weighting is the governing axiom for all product innovations at Uflex.  Some of the very many green product initiatives by Uflex are GREENPET films that are made of PTA and Green MEG resin. While PTA is manufactured from the oxidation of p-xylene, GREEN MEG is manufactured from ethanol obtained from agro based source. This film does not contain any MEG which is conventionally made through the crude oil route. Similarly rPET films are made from post-consumer Waste Recycled (PCR) Resin which refers to material previously used by consumers and again recycled to use in a new product. rPET contains up to 30% of PCR resin obtained by tertiary chemical glycosis route. All these packaging films are used in the production of flexible packaging products.

Uflex has developed world’s first 8 micron plain/heat-sealable BOPP films, 6.5 micron BOPET films and heat-sealable 12 micron metallized BOPP films that are suitable for printing and lamination. These run at the same speeds during conversion as conventional higher thickness films and provide significant source reduction ranging from 33% to 47%. These films have a much lower carbon footprint than the substrates they replace.

Thus socio-environmental responsiveness is one of the core strengths of Uflex that imparts competitive edge to the organisation in the global market.

Flexible Packaging Major Uflex honored by World Confederation of Businesses

India’s largest global flexible packaging solution company, Uflex Limited has been conferred with the prestigious “The Bizz 2016” award by World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB).

Uflex was selectedfor this coveted title by WORLDCOBowing to superior rankingsin vital parameters like Managerial Leadership; Management Systems; Quality of Goods & Services; Innovation; Social Responsibility; Business Results, Certifications, Recognitions andPresence in Mainstream and Social Media.

Leading global corporate houses were assessed by market research agencies like KOMPASS and ZAWYA and data related to their business growth and operational excellence was compiled and examined. The Jury comprising multidisciplinary professionals from various countries also factored in the data that was solicited from more than 150 chambers of commerce around the world. Some of the global public relations companies of reputealso provided references through their media and network resources to the Confederation that further aided in firming up the list of winners.

WORLDCOB is a member of US Chamber of Commerce, United Nations Global Compact and Global Reporting Initiative and its membership in turn pans across 3000 companies in over 120 countries.The award ceremony that took place in Monte Carlo, France on Sunday witnessed avid participation from Business Heads of several global organizations that have been making headlines for their unmatched products and services. Also in attendance at the event were Ambassadors of several countries to the French Republic.


In an official statement issued soon after the conferral, Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman and Managing Director, Uflex Limited said, “This award by World Confederation of Businesses is a testament to Uflex’s meticulous approach in ensuring product and operational excellence. We owe it all to our clients who pose unwavering faith in our capabilities to offer complete spectrum of flexible packaging solutions etched acrossBOPP, BOPET, CPP, Metallized &Speciality films; Value added packaging products likes laminates, pouches, bags, flexi-tubes; Rotogravure printing cylinders; Flexo-polymer plates; Packaging &Converting machines; Inks &Adhesives and foolproof Brand Protection &Anti-Counterfeiting solutions. I am inspired by the fact that our bespoke packaging solutions have been acknowledged in India and overseas alike. We will continue to delight our clients throughinnovation and create value added differentiation by putting the cutting-edge technology to best use.”

Uflex to Display Holographic Thermal Lamination Film AT DRUPA 2016

Flexible Packaging Leader Uflex will also display Thermal Lamination Films at the mega exhibition Drupa to be held at Dusseldorf, Germany from 31 May to 10 June 2016. Thermal Lamination Film is also called hot lamination or thermal glued film. Thermal lamination films have extrusion coated surface with low temperature melting resin that enables lamination of film to paper board by heat and pressure.

Holographic thermal lamination films are availaholographic_thermal_lamination_filmble in Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) and Bi-axially Oriented Poly Propylene (BOPP) variants in varied generalised and customized designs. Ease of lamination on paper board makes the thermal films very unique as this film does not leave spots on the substrate, which otherwise are quite visible in the dry lamination process.

The customised thermal holographic film efficiently combats counterfeiting while the various general holographic patterns help brand owners in printing and lamination Industry enhance the product packaging shelf appeal e.g. book cover, carton lamination; greeting cards lamination, wedding cards etc.
Uflex is the first company in India which has successfully produced holographic thermal lamination film.

Visit Uflex during Drupa at Hall No. 15; Booth C-51

The article was originally published in Packaging Europe

Uflex bags India’s No.1 Brand Award 2016 for Unmatched Flexible Packaging Solutions

Acknowledging the immense value that Uflex has contributed to the domestic packaging industry, India’s No. 1 Brand Awards Council conferred the prestigious award on the flexible packaging major.

In attendance at the gala ceremony held at ‘The Leela’, Mumbai were CEOs, Managing Directors, Presidents, Vice Presidents and Directors of 50 renowned brands like LIC of India, Zee Music, Taj Hotels, ICICI Bank, Airtel, Big Bazaar, Blue Dart, Jet Airways among others who were honored along with Uflex.

This award ceremony was organized by IBC InfoMedia – a Division of International Brand Consulting Corporation USA to salute the passion and commitment of brands that have played a pivotal role in shaping the growth of India Inc.


The parameters on which Uflex significantlyedged above the competition to win this coveted title are superior innovation, productintegrity, market presence, robust sales and distribution network, strong presence in conventional and contemporary media and customers’ trust. Winners across categories emerged from a comprehensive survey of customers that was conducted by Media Research Group (MRG).

In an official communication released soon after the award ceremony, Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman and Managing Director, Uflex Limited said, “Brands, particularly those in the manufacturing sector that can deliver bespoke solutions for customers, simultaneously ensuring highinnovation quotient and superior product performance are the only ones that will commandtrust and respect in the long run. With state-of-the-art technology at our disposal andunrelenting research and developmentby some of the sharpest brains that we have by our side, we will keep innovating to the best advantage of our clients across the world. Uflex is humbled by this conferral and shall infallibly continue to deliver unmatched flexible packaging solutions in the times to come.”