Evolution of Baby Product Packaging

Evolution of Baby Product Packaging

Modern day consumers are leading fast paced and demanding lives. With them working and spending time away from home, they are becoming dependent on products that complement their lifestyle. With both parents working, babies need to travel with them and portability has become a very important factor in childcare. The demand for on the go baby food that can be prepared and transported in challenging situations and environments is on a constant rise. This has been made possible by evolving packaging that reduces preparation time, provides sterilization and hassle-free storage.

Baby products packaging has completely transformed over the last decade. Even for baby food, the packaging has transitioned from glass jars to flexible pouches which are unbreakable, resealable and mobile.
Let’s explore how the new age flexible packaging of baby products helps customers, making their life easier & convenient.

Convenience for Parents & Creativity for Manufacturers

Flexible Pouches are a popular choice for parents due to their portability, easy to use design and multiple sizes. They also provide better product to package ratio when compared to rigid formats like glass jars. There are different types of pouches all them with their unique features. The stand-up pouch is an ideal choice for both parents & brands due to its easy portability and ample printable branding space. Whereas, the three-side seal pouch is perfect for single servings and allows parents to feed their child while travelling. The most popular is the spouted stand-up pouches as they help in easy pouring of the food and even allows toddlers to consume directly from the pouch. Teaming up with other industry giants, UFlex has also recently launched hot-fill pouches with spout caps that enable on the go consumption, offer longer shelf life, tamper proof caps and an efficient filing process.

Safety for Babies and Toddlers

Health and safety are a major concern for consumers while purchasing baby food products. Using flexible pouches with clear labelling for baby products help brands to build a trustworthy relationship with the consumers. It helps consumers to make an informed choice after acquiring adequate information about the product.
UFlex’s Aseptic pouches are perfect for baby food packaging as they provide a barrier against moisture and do not need to be refrigerated. They can be carried to all places without the fear of spoilage.

A Sustainable Future

Brands associated with baby products are collectively working towards creating a sustainable world for the future generation.Choosing flexible packaging helps them in this endeavour of theirs. Our flexible pouches are made from post-consumer recycled material which contributes to the larger efforts of creating sustainability by reducing usage of energy, water and carbon emissions.

According to a study done by Flexible Packaging Association, glass jars that have been a traditional form of baby food packaging consumes 1,294% more water, emits 302% more greenhouse gases and uses 98.8% more fossil fuel than flexible pouches during production.

Flexible pouches by UFlex check all the boxes when it comes to being the most ideal packaging for baby products. We have been market leaders in flexible packaging and provide a variety of pouches inclusive of 3D and 4D pouches with re-closable options. With every new innovation we are getting closer to helping brands make everyday lives easier for their consumers.

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