Packaging Trends in 2022

Packaging Trends in 2022

The year 2021 wasn’t exactly the breath of fresh air many of us had anticipated, but we learnt from the hardships the world faced. Consequently, it is interesting to see people slowly adapting to healthier lifestyle, pick healthy foods packed in safe packaging and are gaining conscience to have a better tomorrow.

In the world of Packaging 2022 is likely to have a more inclusive spirit. Consumers are shifting towards smarter, greener, more accessible and affordable options much like the previous year but with a much more innovative, ingenious and artistic outlook. With a significant amount of consumers pushing for sustainable flexible packaging solutions, reinforces the need for sustainability even stronger than ever as none of us is ready to face another calamity arising out of waste in the future.

Addressing these concerns whilst making sure the products meet the market standards, many FMCG companies and packaging manufacturers are reconsidering sustainable packaging solutions to position themselves as a responsible brand. A national study conducted by the Paper and Packaging Board and IPSOS shows that 7 out of 10 (72%) consumers agree that quality and packaging design plays a major role in influencing their buying decision. It provides for a product experience, unique to the consumer as well as speaks about the brand values and ethics. While in 2021 saw some pioneering changes in the packaging industry in India, here are some packaging trends to look forward to in 2022 with a fresh, futuristic take!

Minimalist Packaging:-

Brings a much rather classy aesthetic, a stark contrast to the loud, bold and flashy colors and designs of the modern packaging industry. The appeal of ‘less is more’ is increasingly preferred by the consumers as simplicity with elegance is all what the consumers need today. Utilizing fewer materials, inks, labels and adhesives, minimalism makes it easy for the eyes and resultantly leaves lesser impact on the environmental.

Tamper-evident Packaging (TEP):-

Makes the consumers aware if the product has been opened or unsealed thereby confirming for its safety and authenticity. The materials used in tamper-evident packaging include seal bands, lidding films, blister packs, tamper-evident closures. This helps in protecting the products from possible tampering or damage and the consumer can be assured that their packages have not been mishandled by anyone. A large number of flexible pouch packaging formats have traversed to Tamper-evident Packaging formats (TEP)

Advancements in science and technology significantly uplift packaging industry as well. Implementing augmented and virtual reality technology for packaging, consumers have access to special coupons, deals, games, or interactive experiences using AR or VR devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or virtual reality headsets. This brings an interactive and immersive element to the table and makes for a unique user experience. 

Vintage Packaging:-

Has gained prominence recently as many consumers are intrigued by the idea of ‘good, old days’, reminiscent of the much simpler and peaceful times. The appeal that comes with the vintage aesthetic will always be unmatched with its nostalgic, old school color schemes, vibrant designs and classy typography that are paving up an emotional connect with the consumers.


Has been in for a few years but post the pandemic outbreak its want has now transformed in a need. It is noteworthy to observe sustainability swiftly gain traction among businesses as well as among consumers. In the developing economies the growing middle class is increasingly aware of health and environmental risks associated with certain packaging, and are therefore driving this trend.

Many printing and packaging companies opt for sustainable packaging as consumer behavior shifts towards a more environmentally conscious one, trying to reduce the use of single use plastics and cutting down on packaging waste. Employing methods like mono-materials inflexible packaging solutions, usage of sustainable and natural resources as packaging materials instead of glass and metals; make the products eco-friendly, lightweight and affordable. As a global leader in flexible packaging solutions, India’s largest flexible packaging company UFlex has been developing green packaging solutions for its clients across the globe. The company holds the sentiment of developing packaging that has a purpose beyond its original use. With innovations such as up to 100% PCR based films, water based, solvent less inks and coatings, green films, mono-polymer packaging formats and many more, UFlex has been able to help its client’s step closer to their sustainability goals without compromising on their business objectives.

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