UFlex Foray Into Aseptic Packaging Will Complete Its Product Offering

UFlex Foray Into Aseptic Packaging Will Complete Its Product Offering

India’s largest flexible packaging company UFlex has announced expansion to a new strategic location in Sanand, Gujarat that will require a total outlay of Rs. 1500 crores over the next 4-5 years. In the first phase of this expansion, the company will invest Rs 580 crore (approx) to set up an aseptic packaging line for liquid products.

Aseptic Packaging is a process in which a food product and its package is sterilized separately and then combined and sealed in a sterilized atmosphere. Going forward this is going to be the lead trend in the flexible food packaging sector. The Global Aseptic Packaging market was valued more than $21.35 billion in 2014 with CAGR of 18.20% and is expected to reach $81.32 billion by 2022. The factors supporting the growth of Aseptic Packaging are a growing urban populace and rising demand for convenience food. Also the numerous technological advancements have helped improve the functionality and range of applications.

Aseptic Packaging Offers Advantages Like:

• Convenience – it is portable and light
• Economical- Aseptic packaged products do not require refrigeration, hence manufacturers can save up on the cost
• Longer shelf life
• Preservation of nutrients
• Sustainable
• Easy storage and handling
• Lightweight

The liquid packaging business has huge potential world over. Presently, the domestic market stands at 8 billion packs made out of aseptic packaging material annually. This number is expected to double in the next 3 to 4 years. A rise in the beverage market and an evolved consumer mindset regarding use of preservatives has all contributed to the growth of this form of packaging.

Acknowledged as ‘a part of your daily life UFlex has emerged as a fully-integrated packaging player on the global front. The Company stands committed to push for new innovations and trends riding on its strong R&D capabilities. The foray into aseptic liquid packaging plant in Gujarat is a step in that direction. Resonating Government’s ‘Made in India’ ethos, the Sanand plant will provide employment to approximately 3000 people. 90% of the output from this factory will cater to the domestic demand. The packaging line will have a total capacity of around 7 billion packs, which would be increased over time unleashing the full potential.

UFlex has become synonymous with the flexible packaging industry world over. The company leads the market in providing flexible packaging for solids, semi solids, viscous fluids, powders, granular materials etc. With the new plant in Sanand, UFlex will complete its bouquet of products across all types. It aims to provide the much needed packaging solution alternative to businesses dealing in liquids like milk, dairy products, and non-aerated drinks among other products.

UFlex has been recognized in India and internationally for its Innovation to create Differentiation. Over the years UFlex has achieved an irreproachable reputation by offering superior packaging designs with great aesthetics, enhanced barrier properties, easy functionality, increased shelf life, eco-friendliness and anti-counterfeiting features. UFlex unparalleled differentiating edge is on account of its commitment for Quick and Just in Time Deliveries Efficient Service and the ability to cater to any size of order world over.

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