The Global Packaging Industry has under gone a total metamorphosis with the changing consumer trends

Growing consumer awareness, urbanization, purchasing power are driving the trends in the global packaging industry, reports the Association of Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI).Factors like health and wellness, recycling, environmental issues, increasing disposable income, urbanization, convenience, smaller pack sizes, branding strategies are affecting the way packaging is done world over.

It is important for manufacturers to keep abreast with the market trends that reflect the changing needs of the consumers in the products that they offer.

From convenience to traceability, the product has to offer it all. The ‘cool to care’ consumers are seeking green packaging alternatives with a strong sustainability quotient. Hence, sustainability is no more an option- it is the essential part of future business planning for the packaging industry.

Consumers’ making informed choices more than ever has led the packaging labels to focus on the USPs. Smart packaging has paved way for innovative methods of display and product preservation. For, e.g., Products like vegetables, dairy, have a longer shelf life thanks to smart packaging. Innovative packaging designs for milk pouches are making the transportation of milk without refrigeration possible.

With its high standard of functionality, convenience, sustainability and cost-effectiveness, flexible packaging has made lives easier for on-the-go consumers. This factor is what has helped stoke the growth of the flexible packaging industry over the years.

According to Smithers Pira, the global flexible packaging industry is projected to reach  USD 248 billion by 2020. The growth prospects in the developing countries are exceedingly bright.

In the Indian context, the market is growing 14% p.a. It is expected to be a USD 32 billion industry in 2020)

Packaging which once upon a time had the simple purpose of protecting the packed products has come a long way. Today, owing to the increased awareness, packaging is an art, science and technology in itself. Progressive R&D has also ensured that packaging has become an integral part and a reflection of consumers’ personality and lifestyles.

India’s largest flexible packaging company, Uflex is in complete grip of the dynamic demands of today’s discerning customers. The company has pioneered never seen before innovations that have re-defined the contours of the flexible packaging industry. Uflex offers world class end to end flexible packaging solutions  that are unique, smart, intelligent and sustainable. Uflex’s promise to its customers ‘Innovation to create Differentiation’; ‘Proximity to Customers’ and ‘Providing the entire gamut of flexible packaging solutions’ has made the company an undisputed leader.

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