Sustainable Growth – Mainstay of The packaging Sector

Sustainable Growth – Mainstay of The packaging Sector

With growing awareness and sensitization, the consumers today are becoming increasingly receptive about the issue of sustainability and the effect their actions and choices have from a sustainable point of view. The approach now is more proactive thereby making purchase decisions that do not affect the environment adversely. Industries across the world are trending towards this phenomenon and are gradually adopting this method.

There are a wide range of benefits enjoyed by companies that are engaging in sustainable business practices. Adopting environmental standards enhances a firm’s brand identity and improves its position on the competitive scene. With sustainable efforts enabling the reduction of waste and the increase of energy efficiency, companies have in turn found that implementing these practices saves them money and augment their reputation. Developing sustainability is the need of the hour and clearly indicates increase in profits.

Consumers too are reshaping their industry demands with sustainability top-of-mind, and there is perhaps no better example of this than in the packaging world. The packaging industry now looks to understand the complete lifecycle of a package – from the sourcing of its raw materials to its end of life.

New, innovative sustainable alternatives have replaced century-old business practices in an effort to improve firms’ sustainable efforts.  Major retail outlets have released environmental scorecards, leading consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) to partner with packaging suppliers who are able to report on, and are committed to improving, their environmental stand.

Packaging firms are always seeking innovative ways to demonstrate the sustainability of their products to consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs). Packaging companies have responded to these challenges by making sustainability a critical part of the way the company approaches its current and future business, combining sustainability with innovation in order to create high-quality packaging in a convenient, environmentally-responsible format.

Consumers want to understand how the product they are purchasing is sustainable. Whether it is the package’s physical appearance or the sustainability of its materials, consumers are seeking information to make better choices.

The environmentally conscious consumer wants to support a company that does more than produce a green product; they are looking for a company that also upholds certain green standards and principles. From the materials used to waste produced, the environmentally-conscious consumer wants businesses to have a calculated plan to improve the planet.

UFlex Ltd the Indian packaging giant, is committed to reducing carbon footprint by aiming on biodegradable packaging materials which diffuse quickly and cleanly, by cutting the use of materials made from fossil fuels; primarily plastics and by adopting the advanced flexographic printing technique which provides environmental benefits through energy efficiency and reduced material consumption. UFlex believes that wherever possible all flexible packaging should be re-cycled in the same industry with its motto being ‘Tomorrow’s packaging using today’s waste’.

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