Plastic Perfect: Why Flexible Packaging is Important For Today’s Customers?

Plastic Perfect: Why Flexible Packaging is Important For Today’s Customers?

The 21st century is a time of fast paced lifestyle where everybody seems to be in a hurry. With changing times, the taste and the needs of our consumers have also undergone a sea change. Today’s consumer is not only demanding, but also aware. The products that don’t cater to their taste or cause will defiantly be off the shelves sooner than later. Besides, all consumers are constantly looking for value for money.

To meet the requirements of the new age consumer, several manufacturers have turned to flexible packaging. It happens to be the only source that has a high standard of functionality and sustainability making it perfect for on-the-go consumers.

There are many aspects of flexible packaging that have given a fillip to its demand in the market. Convenience, durability, cost effectiveness, designabilitiy, eco-friendliness etc are some aspects that have made plastics a darling for the manufacturers. Within plastics flexible packaging is the segment that has actually caught the attention of the end users.

For consumers, flexible packaging has the following advantages to offer:

  • It is lightweight and convenient, hence carrying it around is of no hassle at all.
  • It is cost effective.
  • Materials used allow packing products of any shape, design & colour scheme, size and volume. With the advent of flexible packaging gone are the days of ‘One Size Fits All.
  • Slider & Zipper pouches allow reclosing of the product without compromising on the product quality thus adding to the functional advantage.
  • Intelligent and smart packaging is further ensuring protection from contamination and spoilage.
  • Flexible packaging is sustainable and can be recycled relatively easily.

Temperature variations in packed food can result in compromising its safety and quality. Driven by rapid advancements in time-temperature indicators (TTI), intelligent packaging is anticipated to witness a strong growth in the coming times. This system could be able to detect food contamination and change of color in case the food is not fit for consumption by the consumer.

In India, like in the rest of the world, a majority of FMCG and household products come wrapped and packed in plastics. The packaging presentation of consumer goods has been growing at a very fast rate.

An efficient flexible package exhibits the following:

•    Increased barrier protection

•    Detection of spoilage

•    Protect the food from mechanical damage during handling and deterioration by the climate.

•    Recyclable

•    Cost effective

•    Suitable for contact with food

•    Conforms to high standards of health, safety and sustainability

•    Can be customized into practically any shape, size, or design and colour scheme;

Recently a market research company ‘Canadean’ has stated in its latest report that an estimated 786,095 million units of flexible packaging will be consumed within global retail food markets in 2018.This in turn means that the share of flexible packaging will keep increasing in the food packaging market, while glass, metal and paper packaging will wear out eventually.

The same report also quotes that the global demand for pouches in the food market will grow by 2,489 million pack units between 2014 and 2017 – a 14.9% increase in the total food pouches market size[1].

Another estimate by Technavio forecasts the flexible packaging market in India growing at a CAGR of 24.21% over the period 2014-2019[2].

These researches coupled with the growing demand for plastic packaging ascertains that the industry is determinedly on the upward trajectory and the modern consumer is totally hooked on to it.

India’s largest flexible packaging company, UFlex Ltd. strongly believes that the greatest innovation in the field of packaging has been flexible packaging. UFlex has always been working towards creating sustainable options of flexible packaging that bring immense value to the customers. Being on the edge of innovation the company provides packaging solutions to top notch brands of the world that keep the products safe and fresh.. With continuing R&D for yet safer, environment friendly and innovative packaging, UFlex has defined the contours of the packaging industry and remains committed to  bringing intelligent and sustainable packaging solutions at the most competitive price coordinates.

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