UFlex Wins Accolades For Innovative Products and Operational Excellence Year After Year

UFlex Wins Accolades For Innovative Products and Operational Excellence Year After Year

India’s number one Flexible Packaging Company UFlex Ltd is a name synonymous with excellence in end to end packaging solutions and impeccable corporate governance. Over the past several years the company has been conferred with a number of national and international awards. In this blog we are doing a roundup of the awards won by the company in the last 3 years.


  • DuPont Silver Award 2015                     

UFlex bagged a silver award in the 27th DuPont Awards for its innovative moisture proof cement bags, Flex SafePack. An excellent example of packaging innovation, the Flex SafePack is specially designed to provide barrier to moisture and water from entering into the bag, helping the cement withstand harsh environments and maintain its full functionality over an extended period of shelf life.

In developing the SafePack, UFlex addressed two conflicting requirements: providing de-aeration holes required for air to escape during filling and prohibiting moisture from entering into the bags during transportation. UFlex has been able to achieve this challenge through optimized nano-embossing over a flexible extrusion layer. This technological achievement also allows high definition graphics of up to 10 colour printing, giving a premium look to a commodity product.

  • India’s Top 500 Companies 2015 by Dun &Bradstreet (D&B)

Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), in its 15th edition of the report “India’s Top 500 Companies 2015” ranked UFlex Ltd. as number one, in terms of total income in the year 2014 which is highest by any company in the sector. UFex has been regularly winning this honour since 2012.

‘India’s Top 500 Companies’ is among the longest running reputed publications in the country that ranks and felicitates high performance Indian companies on various financial and operational parameters. D&B is the world’s leading provider of global business information, knowledge and insight.

  • The Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL) Awards

The awards were conferred for:

  1. Packaging: Non Food Category (Technical),
  2. Packaging: Food Category (Technical)
  3. Packaging: Food Category (Marketing)
  4. Non-food – Technical category three of the most coveted AIMCAL awards.

The winning entries were SPARKLE Innolock Standup Pouch (Food and Beverage – Technical), the PARAS Ghee Pouch (Food and Beverage – Marketing) and the HIRA Pouch with Multi lens (Nonfood – Technical).

UFlex had won three top AIMCAL Awards in the competition held in 2014 as well. These were under the Non Food Technical Category.

The Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL) is based in the USA and is one of the world’s leading trade associations in the Flexible Packaging Industry. Its awards are some of the most sought-after honours in the global packaging industry and are based on an annual competition in which almost all the world’s leading players in the global Flexible Packaging business and best-known brand owners participate. The association founded in 1970, is a global non-profit trade association representing converters of metallized, laminated and coated flexible substrates and their suppliers.

  • Asia’s Most Promising Brand 2013-14 byWorld Consulting & Research Corporation

World Consulting & Research Corporation conferred upon UFlex Ltd. Asia’s Most Promising Brand for 2013-14 owing to the charismatic propensity of Organization’s brand persona that drives consumer intent and influences positive consumer action in its operative category. This has led to UFlex literally earning the value premium and consumer mind-space it commands. The award has placed UFlex in an uber-exclusive league that is entirely its own.


  • Dun & Bradstreet Corporate Awards 2013

 UFlex Ltd. was ranked 1st in India’s Top 500 Companies for Packaging & Allied Activities.

  • AIMCAL Technology Competition Award 2014

UFlex Ltd won this award for FLEXITUBE DECOSEAM Tube System. The metalized layer not only improves barrier properties, but can also include eye-catching holographic, optically variable or metallic effects.With a wide choice of dispensing systems and closures, the tubes are suitable for a broad range of cosmetic and health-care products.

  • AIMCAL Technology Excellence Award 2014

The award winning TATA WATER PLUS POUCH designed by UFlex Ltd was of lighter weight compared to PET bottles which also meant lower inbound and outbound transportation costs and better cube utilization. At $0.033 per 200-ml pouch, the water sells at an affordable price in developing markets. The pouches are designed to deliver the requisite shelf life without any deterioration and are immune to intense ultraviolet light of the tropics.

  • AIMCAL Sustainability Award  2014

UFlex won this award for an innovative down gauged metallised laminate used by Pepsico India Holdings Pvt. Ltd. (Frito-Lay Division). The lighter, thinner films meant lower transportation costs for inbound packaging materials and outbound product shipments and fewer material roll changes on the VFFS equipment. The 8-micron film offers the same dimensional stability and stiffness of standard 12- and 15-micron BOPP making it suitable for printing and lamination without any negative impact on handling or registration.


  • Dun & Bradstreet Corporate Awards 2012 

Uflex Ltd., was ranked 1st in India’s Top 500 Companies for Packaging & Allied Activities.

  • AIMCAL Sustainability Award 2013

AIMCAL bestowed its 2013 Sustainability Award to Uflex for its bi-axially oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BOPET) film with 30 percent renewable content. UFlex FLEXPET – Green PET made from bio-ethanol produced from plant-based inputs such as sugarcane won it the Sustainability Award in California, US. FLEXPET Green PET Films are approved for direct food contact by the US Food and Drug Administration and regulators in Europe, exhibit the same functional properties as BOPET films made from conventional PET resin.

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