Brand Storytelling Through Packaging

Brand Storytelling Through Packaging

Today, storytelling is one of the most effective marketing techniques. Brands are using every available platform to the hilt to get heard and noticed by their consumer. Packaging in this scenario can play an extremely crucial role as it is the last point of contact at the PoS where consumers make a decision regarding their purchase. Not considering packaging as a brand identity can leave the brand narrative confusing and dilute the company’s core message.

The brand story can be related to visual and verbal designs on the package. Visual cues include color, design, graphics, imagery, fonts and other aesthetics. The verbal communication should be in sync with the visuals and enhance it a step further. It can come as a part of brand history, as updated taglines, brand initiatives, socio-environmental sustainability endeavours etc. that can be printed on the back of the package. This opportunity should be leveraged to bring on board a potential first-time buyer, or a brand loyalist who may want to learn more about the brand at the shelf rather than at home.

Marketers need to realize the importance of packaging when it comes to narrating the story of their brand. A few benefits it has regarding customer acquisition are:

  • Cut through the clutter: In today’s world of information overload, crisp and straightforward communication works best. The tangible and intangible assets of a brand including packaging, when effectively used to communicate the core values, ethos of the company and the product features, help cut through the clutter. This reinforces the brand values and paves way for easy mind recall by establishing the much needed connect with the users.
  • Enhance user experience: Packaging should not only be treated as a functional tool but also as a medium to discernibly enhance customer experience. Packaging innovations can bring immense value for the consumers through better functionalities that not only enhance shelf life of the product but also extend the utility of the pack even after the product is consumed. In the nutshell, packaging is inalienable to overall product experience.
  • Brand loyalty: Physical in- store experience can go a long way in promoting brand loyalty. It is often said that sometimes packaging is more important than the product itself, and that is because in a store it is the packaging that virtually shouts out loud from the shelf “PICK ME UP”. Flexible packaging has played a catalytic role in modern economy. This form of packaging offers a variety of exciting marketing opportunities to the manufacturer without increasing the cost of production. The packaging can be well tailored to suit the merchandising requirements. Flexible style of packaging can be customized into practically any shape or size. A variety of colors and styles can be incorporated with much ease. Flexible packaging helps businesses and brands gain recognition.

Failing to recognize packaging as a pertinent ally can leave a brand way behind the competition. Consumers are attracted to brands they can relate with not only logically but also at an emotional level. Packaging helps t brands create that space for themselves on the market shelves by displaying their brand identities and the stories that have made them the brands they actually are.

Keeping pace with the times and the dynamics of packaging industry, UFlex India’s largest global flexible packaging solution company has been a pioneer in setting benchmarks for delivering innovative end-to-end packaging solutions along with ensuring the safety and viability of the packaged product throughout its life cycle. The company has demonstrated ever innovative superior technological skills in the field of flexible packaging by progressively offering enhanced aesthetics, optimal barrier properties, smart functionalities, impregnable anti-counterfeiting features to prevent look a likes from eroding brand equity and environmentally sustainable packaging solutions. Bringing all these factors inextricably into play, UFlex further fine-tunes the story and helps the brands deliver it with utmost finesse.

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