Pouch Packaging Opens New Avenues in Flexible Packaging Sector

Pouch Packaging Opens New Avenues in Flexible Packaging Sector

Pouch Packaging, today, has quietly turned into one of the fastest growing categories of new products. This is due to increasing hunt for lighter, less costly options that take up less landfill space, to move more consumer goods by the packagers. In 2011, 1,210 new products debuted in pouch packaging, up from 885 in 2007, reports Mintel International. That is 3.3 percent of all new products unleashed annually, almost double five years ago or about $8 billion in sales.

Buy recognizing the advantages of pouch packaging, packaging companies across the world are investing heavily in meeting the demand for these pouches. Some pouches have caps, some require squeezing and many of them even stand up on shelves just like the cans, plastic bottles and cardboard drink boxes they are starting to replace.

UFlex Ltd. India’s largest flexible packaging company, is one such company that has suitably exploited the utility of pouch packaging. The company uses various pouches for packaging, like the award winning Spout Pouch and Stand-up Slider Zipper Pouch with Hologram. With the increasing demand for pouches in the packaging sector, UFlex is contributing greatly in changing market dynamics and offering sustainable solutions with pouch packaging.

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