Packaging Waste Reduction For a Greener Tomorrow

Packaging Waste Reduction For a Greener Tomorrow

Realizing the importance of packaging waste reduction, food, beverage and consumer product makers worldwide are following distinct improvement initiatives to eliminate their packaging waste. As per a survey by the Grocery Manufacturers Association, food, beverage and consumer product makers expect to have eliminated nearly four billion pounds of packaging waste between 2005 and 2020.

According to GMA, firms answering the survey also revealed that the reduction were achieved by adoption of several innovative and sustainable packaging techniques, including the improvements in packaging designs and increased use of the recyclable materials.

While food, beverage and consumer product makers are revamping their packaging, packaging providers too, are adopting packaging processes that will enable them to reduce packaging waste and contribute to a healthy and eco-friendly environment. And, one such packaging company, UFlex Ltd. India’s largest and Globe’s fifth largest flexible packaging company follows completely eco-friendly manufacturing process that enables them in reducing the carbon footprints and being more environment friendly.

The company works with close association with the consumers to develop packaging solutions that are sustainable. UFlex also follows innovative waste reduction techniques, making conscious efforts to recycle the waste and further use it to offer innovative packaging solutions.

Being on the edge of innovation, UFlex is known worldwide for its innovative packaging solutions, including its pioneering concept of recycling of mixed plastic wastage.

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