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Ashok Chaturvedi, CMD Uflex honored with Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award 2016

“A ship well steered owes it all to the Captain”beautifully articulates the journey of Uflex Limited which is India’s largest global flexible packaging solution company. With a humble beginning in the eighties, the group has transformed into a transnational organization with turnover in excess of USD 1 Billion enjoying a formidable market presence in over 140 countries across the globe. The man behind this astounding success is Ashok Chaturvedi – Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, Uflex.APEA Trophy Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi CMD Uflex Ltd March 24, 2016

As the Captain of Team Uflex, Ashok Chaturvedi was conferred with the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award 2016 (APEA) in the ‘Outstanding Category’ by Enterprise Asiawhich is a leading non-governmental organization promoting fair and equal opportunities for entrepreneurs and is supported by prominent industry and government leaders.

Mr. Chaturvedi who is fondly revered as ‘The Father of the Indian Flexible Packaging Industry’had ignited in the eighties, a spark in the packaging industry by introducing unit packs/ sachets suddenly bringing the FMCG brands within the reach of the common trigger-starting a revolution of sorts. This was the Eureka Momentof the packaging industry that has been on the roll ever since.

Uflex under the aegis of Ashok Chaturvedi evolved to become a fully integrated flexible packaging solution companyto include Polyester chips, Bi-axially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate (BOPET), Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films, Cast Polypropylene (CPP) films Metalized and Speciality films, flexible packaging laminates (roll form), pre-fabricated pouches, flexi-tubes & big bags; flexible packaging converting machines & packaging machines; rotogravure printing cylinders, flexo polymer plates; elastomers & sleeves; anti-counterfeiting & brand protection solutions (to prevent look alikes from eroding our clients’ brand equity) & inks, adhesives, coatings and polyols.Come 2017 when its Aseptic Packaging Plant in Sanand (Gujarat) for packing liquid products goes operational, Uflex will complete its entire range of product offering that currently spans across packaging solutions for solids, semi-solids, powders, granular material, viscous gels and pastes.

The Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award 2016celebrates the grit, passion and never say die attitude of Ashok Chaturvedi that resulted insustained, innovative and efficaciousleadership setting new benchmarks in the packaging industry. Innovation to create value added differentiation for the clients world over was one of the most important factors that the jury underpinned while selecting Ashok Chaturvedi for this coveted award. Enterprise Asia particularly noted the entrepreneurial and operational excellence that has taken Uflex to the helm of Indian Flexible Packaging Industry under the leadership of Ashok Chaturvedi. The award committee acknowledged Ashok’s three promises to his global clientele – the 3 Q’s: Quality, Quantity and Quickness that are embedded in the DNA of Uflex.APEA Citation Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi CMD Uflex Ltd March 24, 2016

The committee also underlined Chaturvedi’s commitment to the society that remains as unwavering as his pledge to the business. The juryquotedAshok as one of the loudest voices in India standing tall in support of institutionalization of sports at grassroots upholding the Universal Right of all children to play freely irrespective of caste, creed, gender, religion, ethnicity and socio-economic status. The excerpt from the signature book unveiled at the award ceremony reads — Under Ashok’s guidance Uflex has been supporting multi-geographical and multi-faceted intervention “Sports for Growth” for the underprivileged children and youth of India with a special focus on girls and the differently abled. Partnering with Society for Transformation, Inclusion and Recognition through Sports (STAIRS), Uflex is additionally creating awareness among children and youth against drugs and substance abuse for a physically fit and mentally alert India. He avidly supports unsung sports like sepaktakraw, kabaddi, wrestling, football, volley ball etc. at the grass root level in India in a big way to shape the personalities of budding sportspersons who will eventually take India’s reputation to a whole new high. (sic)

The signature book further quotes Ashok’s commitment for ‘Mother Nature’ and his un-satiating quest to innovate and manufacture packaging solutions that are eco-friendly leaving lesser carbon footprint. Uflex has undertaken many initiatives in this direction such as developing technology for recycling and re-processing packaging waste; development of packaging film made out of green and renewable sources among several others.

In an official statement issued soon after the award ceremony, Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi said,“My entire team at Uflex is aligned with my motto of culling out ‘never experienced before’ flexible packaging solutions to the best advantage of our clients with each solution being superior to the preceding one.All my employees are leaders in their respective realms. They are Thought Leaders when it comes to framing a strategic blueprint for the organization. They are Execution Leaders when it comes to rolling out that blueprint.  They become Innovation Leaders when it comes to rendering the best in class flexible packaging solutions. My people have sharp business acumen woven with a tender heart that beats for the not so privileged. So they are Social Leaders too.I am humbled by this conferral from Enterprise Asia and reaffirm my commitment of delivering the best in class flexible packaging solutions simultaneously ensuring my organization’scontribution in making this world a better place.”

Flexible Packaging Major Uflex shines at AIMCAL Annual Technology Competition

Innovation to create value added differentiation is at the core of the business strategy of India’s largest flexible packaging solution company Uflex Limited.

The Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL) honored Uflex for two startlingly innovative products.

  • VIMAL pouch laminate with registered hologram commemorating 25 years of the product and providing an authentication / anti-counterfeiting device under the Non-Food Technical Category;
  • Kohinoor Anti-Slip Bag (for premium rice packaging) under the Technical Excellence Category.

These awards were conferred during AIMCAL’s Management Meeting held in South Carolina on Sunday, 20 March.

VIMAL pouch laminate is a multi-ply structure of reverse printed BOPET Film/Paper/Heat-seal coating used for packaging a saffron-blended mouth-freshener. The special feature of this laminate is the incorporation of a commemorative hologram in perfect register with the print  design  that  celebrates  25  years  of  the  product  and  additionally provides  an  overt  authentication  and  anti-counterfeiting  device  in  a business where duplication and counterfeiting are rampant. The hologram is created separately and transferred to the surface of the printed laminate in register with the print design using a special proprietary process. This incorporation process of the hologram into the printed laminate perfect register is first of its kind in the Global Packaging Industry.

The anti-counterfeiting feature can be recognized by even an untrained consumer at the point of purchase without the use of any specialized equipment, scanning devices or having to communicate with the product manufacturer or distributor. The hologram automatically reinforces the image of the brand or manufacturer and can use proprietary graphics like designs, logos or messages. It can also be used to authenticate promotional packages that distinguish them from regular or standard packages simultaneously delivering a unique form of differentiation and shelf-impact.

The innovation quotient of the product is quite high with the overt commemorative hologram being a part of the print design itself. Not only does this impart differentiation to the product but also greatly enhances its visual appeal and shelf impact simultaneously offering unmatched brand security from counterfeited products and look-alikes.

Kohinoor Anti-Slip Bag is used for bulk retail packaging of premium rice (5 kilogram and more). The special feature of this bag is an anti-slip device that prevents the bags from slipping over each other and off the stack when piled one over  the  other  for  unitizing  (stacking, palletizing, stretch/shrink wrapping and secondary packaging), during transportation and during display on the shelf. The anti-slip property is achieved by using a special micro-embossing process on the finished laminate prior to bag-making. The micro embossing is registered so as to appear only on the central portion of the bag and is not visible when viewed normally. Therefore, it does not affect the graphics or aesthetics in any way. It is so designed that it does not physically puncture the film surface so that barrier properties remain unaffected and there is no development of micro-pores that allow mites or micro-organisms to enter the package. The micro-embossing delivers the anti-slip property by imparting to the surface a very high coefficient of friction against another embossed film surface. This prevents slippage of bags when stacked even several feet high. This system works much better than using anti-slip additives, coatings or treatment on the film that forms the outer surface of the bag.

In an official statement, Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman & Managing Director, Uflex Limited said, “In today’s competitive slugfest, only those who can deliver innovation at every stroke will be able to survive. Not only is it imperative to innovate but also to create progressively incremental, tangible and quantifiable value to the business of clients is what takes a brand to the next level. With the best in class technology at our disposal and some of the sharpest brains that understand packaging inside-out Uflex will continue to delight its clientele globally. The AIMCAL awards further inspire us to render flexible packaging solutions that are even better than before.”

And the Power Brand Rising Star Award 2016 goes to ‘Flexible Packaging Major Uflex’

At a time when flexible packaging is immaculately shaping the contours of the FMCG industry world over,bringing much ease, benefits and convenience to the end users, Uflex has been honored with the Power Brand Rising Star Award 2016. Notably, Uflex is India’s largest global flexible packaging solution company enjoying a formidable market presence in over 140 countries.


The Indian flexible packaging industry has been growing at 15-17 % annually over the past five years or so. Globally the industry is growing at 4.5-5% annually. Consumer Goods industry is the biggest user of flexible packaging but still remains quite under penetrated in India when compared globally. Estimated20-25% consumer goods are sold in packaged form. With the improving economic environment and demand from consumer goods industry, the domestic packaging industry has a potential to grow at more than 20 % annually here onwards. Flexible packaging is thus among the most promising and fastest growing sectors in India.

Planman Media – a name synonymous to fearless, analytical, sharp and insightful journalism,through its ‘Power Brand Rising Stars’platform recognizes promising brands that have shown sustained growth over the past and have been able to create a huge impact etching a strong impression to ‘elevate’ and capture the imagination of a resurgent India.

Given the unmatched capabilities and competitiveness of Uflex amidst flexible packaging industry, the organization was selectedforthe Power Brand Rising Star Award 2016on account of its superior Brand Equityassessed through research on Brand Image & Perception, Brand Performance, Brand Loyalty, Brand Awareness and Brand Association. The award was conferred at a scintillating ceremony held in the Capital presided over by Dr. Najma A. HeptullaHon’bleUnion Minister of Minority Affairswith the bigwigs of India Inc. in attendance.

Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman and Managing Director, Uflex Limited in an official statement said “Flexible packaging has ushered FMCG brands within the reach of the common thereby justifying the adjective ‘flexible’ in its truest sense. Besides addressing affordability, flexible packaging has immense potential to offer enhanced aesthetics, optimum barrier properties for prolonged shelf life, improvised pack functionalities, environment friendly alternatives w.r.t rigid packaging and unparalleled brand protection in terms of anti-counterfeitingfeatures that keep look-alikes at bay. I am glad that Uflex has been ‘The Pioneer’in bringing the Flexible Packaging experience in India. Our capability to provide end-to-end flexible packaging solutions globally blended with a strong conviction to consistently innovate and create value added differentiation for our clients has been driving us and shall continue to drive us in setting new benchmarks.Flexible packaging industry is indeed a Rising Star that offers sky full of great possibilities, and Uflex is truly humbled and inspired for being honored as the Power Brand in this category.”

Innovation at Uflex –Flexfresh™ Equilibrium Modified Atmospheric Packaging (EMAP) for Shelf Life Extension of Fresh Produce

In 2014,India’s largest global flexible packaging company Uflex decided to offer shelf life extension solutions to the Indian Fresh Produce Industry.With the help of the foreign technology partner, Uflex came out with a solution. “The solution Equilibrium Modified Atmospheric Packaging (EMAP) entails maintaining consistent oxygen and carbon dioxide inside the bag during the shelf life of the produce”, said Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman and Managing Director, Uflex Limited.

“During the initial phase of trials, the technical team came up with the nuances of tropical produce and felt that the traditional polymers being used for shelf life extension of fresh produce may not work. Their sound logic was that most polymers available were either good barriers to oxygen or water and it is critical to have a unique polymer which could offer the precise requirements of both oxygen and water barriers. In fact, all existing fresh produce packaging solutions in the world grappled with the problem of water condensation inside the bag- a fact that was established during our market study. Also for products thatperspired heavily, it was found that the MAP did not work due to higher CO2 inside the bag changing the organoleptic of the produce” added Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi.

This is critical for fresh produce packaging because the oxygenneeds to be maintained to keep the product in aerobic conditions.During transpiration, humidity gets released and condenses inside the bag causing fungal and bacterial infections on the produce.

“Thus was conceivedFlexfresh™ with the Holy Grail of oxygen and water barrier for packaging fresh produce. Flexfresh™ while maintaining the humidity inside the bag at 98%, keeps the product absolutely dry without allowing condensation of the humidity. This results in very low weight loss of the produce as it continues to breathe in hydrated oxygen available inside the bag. In several experiments on various products, it was observed that the ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide has always been maintained at equilibrium. The film provides good release characteristics of CO2 emitted by the produce. This ensured that the producein a few cases could be protected naturally from diseases such as Botrytis, Gray Mold etc. using high CO2 content.The icing on the cake is that while offering all the benefits, Flexfresh™ Film is biodegradable by composting. Thus Flexfresh™ complies with all international regulations for overall migration (EC 1935/2004), reach compliance (EC 1907/2006)and qualifies for biodegradation under DIN EN 13432 (2000-12)” says Ashok Chaturvedi.

“Noida Packaging plant of Uflex has installed and commissioned two respiration meters at its Fresh Produce Research and Innovation Laboratory. A team of food technologists and packaging professionals are in the process of developing Flexfresh™ across packaging formats. Flexfresh™ is currently available as Liner Bags in 5kg and 10Kg standard international sizes, Flow Wraps, FFS Film and Lidding film” added Siva Shankaran, Vice President-Flexfresh™. Uflex is currently working on a retail pack film to offer it for FFS for both cut and whole products.

A leading Dutch Bell Pepper exporterhas commenced shipping its produce to USA by sea containers which was not possible earlier and used to besent out by Air incurring huge costs. The exporter is happy with the arrival quality and intends to export over 100 containers from Holland to USA this year after conducting successful trials by sea container earlier last year.

An Indian pomegranate grower has been supplyingits produce to Europe. The moisture inside the pomegranate crown led to fungal growth and this was restricting them to expand their exports from India. Extensive trials were conducted during 2015 and in the current season, over 100 containers of pomegranate have already been exported to Europe to leading super markets with excellent quality upon arrival.

Uflex is working with several leading super markets around the world for establishing the benefits of Flexfresh™ in potatoes, Brussel sprouts, papaya, grapes, berries, pomegranates, flowers, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, mango, okra, mushroom, cut vegetables and several other products.

Uflex and its partner along with a leading Institute of Packaging will be conductinga series of trials to study the advantages and benefits of using Flexfresh™ for shelf life extension. The reports will help both the organizations to strategically work with big American farmers and exporters to extend the shelf life of theirproducts in the most safest and sustainable way.


A Box of Indian pomegranates ready for shipmentfrom India


 Packing Sweet Bell Pepper in Holland for sending by sea to USA


India’s largest global flexible packaging company Uflex Limited is bracing up to showcase the best in class technology and equipment for print and cross-media solutions at DRUPA 2016.

Launching at Dusseldorf will be technologically revolutionized Extrusion Lamination Machine. The main features of this state-of-the-art lamination machine are:

  • Unique design of drying hood to achieve optimum temperature;
  • Separate drive for impression roller;
  • Motorized three axis movement of carriage for air gap setting;
  • Chamber type doctor blade for anchor coating;
  • T Die with internal duckling & lip opening up to 1 mm;
  • Unique design of lamination drum to maintain even temperature across the width;
  • Sleeve type coating nip as an optional;
  • Facility of Coating on very thin Poly film.

Also on display would be the Electronic Line Shaft (ELS) based Rotogravure Printing Machine. Some advantages compared to conventional mechanical transmissions are: better operator access around the press; reduction in noise level; less mechanical parts to be serviced and faster print register response. The Press is built with Electronic Line Shaft technology having all printing, unwind, rewind, in-feed & out-feed equipped with servo motors and drives. By perfectly integrating new generation of electronics and ergonomically designed mechanical components, the press is made to deliver unmatched speed of 350-400 MPM.ELS models are equipped with flying splice turret unwind, rewind, sleeve type impression roller and trolley facilities and also has an option of doing reverse register coating at the last printing unit.


The flexible packaging major will also showcase a range of Embossing Cylinders for leather, paper and vinyl applications; very high and very low depth coating rollers from 0.5 GSM to 50 GSM applications like soap wrapper, overcoat, lacquer coating & ink saving in printing and special purpose customized coatings. Other highlights will be Hybrid Cylinder, an innovation from the Electro Mechanical Line capable of producing high definition image.

Elastomer flexo sleeves and elastomer flexo plates ensuring exact dot reproduction; no chemical constraint; seamless web printing and reproduction of HD image up to 5080 DPI would be a showstopper.

Uflex is renowned world over for its end to end flexible packaging solutions and possesses the capability to process any quantum of order and ensuring just in time deliveries. One of the most significant exhibits at DRUPA 2016 from Uflex would be the brand protection and anti-counterfeiting solutions that keep the look-alikes at bay and prevent them from eroding brand equity.  On display at the prestigious exhibition would be different types of Holograms {analog 2D/3D conventional, Dot matrix (up to 24,000 DPI); non-diffractive Litho (up to 1,20,000 DPI) and E-Beam}; Unigrams; Latentograms; Wide Web Holographic Films {Soft embossing films, Hard embossing films, UV embossing films, High Refractive Index films, Windows/ Demetalized and Lens films}. Uflex willalso showcase the Thermal Holography Films and demonstrate its applications in the Print Lamination Area. Also on display will be  Holographic Pouches, Holographic Strips, Holographic Scratch, Holographic Wads, Holographic Shrink Sleeves; Labeling solutions using foils, Fresnel lens and holographic effects {Printed Labels, Tamper Evident Security Labels, Anti-counterfeit Labels, Bar-Code Labels, Scratch Labels, Thermal Transfer Labels, Serial Number Labels, Holographic Labels}; Hot and Cold Stamping Foils and OEKOTEX Certified Textile Value Addition Products {Sequins Film, Hot Melt Film, Holographic Glitter Film} etc.

Uflex will be in Hall No. 15 at Stand No. 15 C 51.