The Essentials of Product Packaging

The Essentials of Product Packaging

When it comes to innovation, packaging in FMCG is an area which is ever changing with new technologies and ideas flowing through each day. The package forms the first and most important aspect of the brand in the mind of the buyer. The packaging of many consumer products is built around the notion that the buyer makes an informed, rational choice when faced with options to purchase. But in truth, many buys are purely intuitive and go by the look of the package rather than the information. The color, shape and familiarity of the location are what prompts the customers to make the purchase. Hence, the instinctive reactions can be included into the packaging through the application of Biomotive triggers.

Biomotive triggers are used on designs of flexible packaging as certain graphic elements triggers instinctive response from the consumers. This neuro marketing strategy targets the emotions and not reason. For example: a cusp shape is likely to convey fear, caution or intimidation; while curves spell softness and comfort in packages.  Understanding such cues can help packaging designers connect better emotionally with the end consumer and help sell more products for the brand.

A good design should reflect the brand and personality of the company. The brand should be clear about its USP and its reason for being. Effective packaging can help convey what the brand is, who it is, how it is relevant in the life of the buyer.  Distinctive packaging can help shoppers navigate through the crowd for their favorite brand. Colors, shape, logos, imagery all play a part in attracting the customer.

Flexible style of packaging can be customized into practically any shape or size. They can also incorporate a variety of colours and styles. A different looking packet is bound to attract the eye of the consumer.

Some points to keep in mind to gain the maximum out of the product packaging designs are:

1) Be unique:  In today’s noisy and commotion filled stores, its important that the brand stands out. Just shouting out loud will not be of any help. Having a package that attracts the buyer and communicated the essence of the proposition is what will engage the buyer.

2) Keep it simple: Simple designs, clean cuts are what is bound to be more effective in a busy market like todays. Giving your consumer the sense of visual and auditory peace will make him want to go for your product. ‘Having a sense of quiet’ is what is the latest mantra in the package design circles. That way, brands have a better chance to be heard, noticed and grabbed.

3) Be creative:  An innovative packaging innovation that is able to reignite or revive a brand is every manufacturer’s dream. However, unimaginative and packaging design copied off other models just creates confusion in the buyer’s minds.   No matter how good a product is poor or drab packaging can keep it from selling. A good design should reflect the brand and personality of the company. Apart from a good looking package the manufacturer should also ensure that the shape and materials are equally appealing.

4) Brand recall:Packaging is often the consumer’s first point of contact. Even in cases of known brands, a re-launch will require attractive packaging. The customer should be able to recall or recognize your brand in a blink of an eye maybe on the basis of the colour scheme, the design or the logo.

Customers also look for honesty in the brands they choose to use. Simply said, they want to know whether the contents listed on the package are exactly what they are to find inside it. For that companies should ensure that their packages look trustworthy. This can happen if the packages are made from the highest quality of materials and should be in tandem with the image of the company.

Flexible Packaging allows for a new and sophisticated printing and designing techniques to be used on the packet. This fact alone gives the manufacturers to design attractive logos, designs, graphics etc on their package which can catch the eye of the consumer. UFlex Ltd. believes that the greatest improvement in the packaging industry is the flexible packaging. Many of the innovations that have become a part of the FMCG industry are products of the flexible packaging industry.

UFlex pushes for new innovations and trends thanks to the breakthroughs in plastic research and raw material enhancements.

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