Sustainable Packaging: Towards More Greener, Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions

Sustainable Packaging: Towards More Greener, Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions

With growing concern, consciousness and an increased consumer awareness of ‘going green’, packaging industry too is turning eco-friendly. What started from paper bottles in the milk industry, is now encouraging, packaging companies around the world to explore greener, eco-friendlier and sustainable packaging solutions to reduce packaging waste.

While still in its infancy, sustainable packaging is the need of the hour and is gaining momentum with manufacturers taking initiatives of providing customers with eco-friendly packaging options. According to research firm Global Industry Analysts (GIA), the growing demand of sustainable packaging in Asian markets will lead to an explosion in demand over the next few years.

In a bid to cater the increasing demand of sustainable packaging as a result of increased consumer awareness, packaging manufacturers such as, is increasingly using eco-friendly and recyclable products such as paper, bamboo, plastic composite, airless pump bottles and more for packaging.

Today, Sustainability and material optimization have emerged as the biggest trends in packaging. India’s largest and Globe’s fifth largest packaging company UFlex Ltd believes that sustainability is important in packaging as the product is very close to the consumer and is usually assumed as a waste. Therefore UFlex has identified four key areas for sustainability, namely Energy conservation by using eco-friendly technologies- for instance the intercept technology which combines long term, contamination-free corrosion control with ESD protection. It is clean, green, reusable and recyclable, Reduction in carbon based resources by focusing on biodegradable packaging materials which break down relatively quickly and cleanly, by cutting the use of materials made from fossil fuels and by adopting the advanced flexographic printing technique which provides environmental benefits through energy efficiency and reduced material consumption, Wastage minimization and reuse of all process waste and Recycling post-consumer waste.

Although a little pricey than the traditional packaging, sustainable packaging is here to stay owing to changing trends of shopper’s psychology.  The increased environmental awareness and government initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have also attributed to rising demand for green packaging in the country. As per recent estimates, eco-friendly packaging will nearly double in revenues between 2009 and 2014.

With increasing consumer awareness of sustainability, sustainable packaging is a great step towards making make our planet a better and safer place to live in for the coming generation. The market for sustainable packaging is maturing worldwide with greater awareness about environmental disposal hazards.

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