Overcoming Flexible Packaging Challenges

Overcoming Flexible Packaging Challenges

The players in the Flexible Packaging Industry worldwide are increasingly coming up with innovative and effective flexible packaging products and solutions.  Through the development and utilization of flexible packaging films and continual innovations, the flexible packaging sector has been able to grow and evolve to adapt to the needs of products around the globe.  Due to flexible film’s many desirable characteristics, there has been a growing interest in flexible packaging.

Flexible Packaging by nature is highly adaptable. The clever and solution driven designs that the packaging companies are coming up with, further drives the sustainability benefit of the products which they clothe. Flexible Packaging help minimize food and packaging waste by offering appropriate portion sizes and re-closable packs.  The wide range of innovative flexible materials and new design concepts being introduced in this industry to minimize waste in terms of conservational and cost, attracts increasing number of customers.

The complex trait of flexible packaging facilitates for the perfect fit packaging solution by combining the beneficial attributes of different compounds. This results in the packaging solutions that ensures appropriate storage and use, is lightweight and reduces environmental impact during storage, distribution and transportation.  The introduction of thin foil layers creates an absolute barrier effect leading to remarkable benefits in the preservation of nutritional value and extension of shelf-life of packaged food products.  Similarly the flexible packaging solutions offered for liquids like juice, milk and other dairy products not only increases its shelf life but also saves the energy which would otherwise be needed for chilled or frozen transport and storage. Further, the flexible packaging light weight solutions have tremendous advantage over the rigid and relatively heavy containers.

Hence it would not be wrong to conclude that the greater functionality, higher machine speeds and sustainability advantages of flexible packaging over the rigid containers make it the popular choice among brand owners. With the flexible packaging industry competitors coming up with germinal solutions for the challenges in this sector, this industry is already oozing out amplitude of opportunities and demands.

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