Lightweight Flexible Packaging is The Heavyweight of The Industry

Lightweight Flexible Packaging is The Heavyweight of The Industry

Flexible packaging may be offering lightweight technologies, but it is quite a heavyweight in the packaging industry. In fact, flexible packaging continues to be one of the fastest growing packaging segments. The Indian flexible packaging market has grown to become Asia’s third largest valued at $7.2 billion in 2013. The global consumption of flexible packaging is expected to reach $231 billion by 2018.

It is flexible packaging with its high standard of functionality and sustainability to cater to today’s discerning set of consumer. Today flexible plastic packages can be found in super marts, grocery stores, shopping aisles etc.

Globally, the use of pouches for snacks grew by 7% in the year 2012-13. Pouches for sauces, juices registered a growth of 20% in the same duration. Other categories like baby food, side dishes grew by 102% and 58% respectively in the same period. Pouch packaging also saw a 32% growth in the pet food segment in the duration 2009-13. So what makes flexible packaging so popular? We list some of them here:

Flexible Packaging is Flexible!

Added to its functionality is the aspect of convenience that makes this form of packaging climb the popularity charts. Giving the consumers the convenience they desire has been the hallmark. The stand up pouches come with resealable options like screw on caps which make the product more convenient and sustainable. Spouted pouches are a popular choice among the consumers, manufacturers, and retailers due to their ability to inhibit harmful impact on the environment, their ease of use, inexpensive nature, and flexible packaging options.

Flexible style of packaging can be customized into practically any shape or size. They can also incorporate a variety of colors and styles. A different looking packet is bound to attract the eye of the consumer and hence help the businesses and brands gain recognizition. The process is cheap so even the most cost conscious business can afford it.


Sustainable ideas and environmental friendly packaging is at the helm of innovation for the flexible packaging companies all over the world. Much of flexible packaging sustainability comes from the fact that it has reduced materials usage and lighter weight. There is less wastage and less use of energy and water at the manufacturing level.

Flexible packaging today offers a variety of packaging options that has shrink sleeves, resealable option, rise up plastic packages, zip pouches, stand up pouches etc. These help the food take the shape of the package and preserve the content for a longer shelf life. The quality of lamination also helps preserve the food and its taste for a longer period.Many companies like UFlex Ltd. are involved in R&D of new materials that will permit flexible packaging to have more sustainable option like recycling, composting, 0% wastage etc.

Informative& Design friendly

Customers look for honesty in the brands they choose to use. They also like to see the products they are buying. Simply said, they want to know whether the contents listed on the package are exactly what they are to find inside it and also that the product is not compromised with. For that manufacturers allow for a transparent panel in the packaging which can display the product and also design to ensure that their packages look trustworthy. This form of packaging also enables a printable surface so brands can determine how much of the product to showcase, while maintaining brand impact.

Flexible packaging allows for a new and sophisticated printing and designing techniques to be used on the packet. This fact alone gives the manufacturers to design attractive logos, designs, graphics etc on their package which can catch the eye of the consumer.

Flexible packaging makes it easy for design innovations that are beneficial to both brand and the end consumer. Newer innovations are making packages easier to carry, open and reseal making it one of the most convenient and preferred form of packaging. UFlex Ltd. India’s largest flexible packaging company has pioneered innovations which have revolutionarized the flexible packaging market. It offers world class flexible packaging solutions, a variety of value added flexible packaging material and sophisticated products. The company believes that the greatest improvement in the packaging industry is the flexible packaging and strives to provide smart, intelligent packaging solutions to the consumers with state of the art packaging and converting machines.

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