Flexible Packaging & Food Safety

Flexible Packaging & Food Safety

‘It’s all in the packaging’ is a phrase most manufacturers swear by. Unless the consumer tastes the end product, he wouldn’t know the quality. But to convince him to pick up that packet from the supermarket shelf, a good and attractive packaging plays a major part.

The role of flexible packaging isn’t limited to just attract the consumer. It is also meant to protect the food items inside.  Protection from contamination and deterioration throughout its shelf life is also an integral part of good flexible packaging. It must also be informative of the nutrients and ingredients and other details in compliance with the labeling and packaging regulations.

Some of the basic features considered for good flexible packaging are:

  • Compatibility with the product and storage conditions
  • Protection of the product from deterioration of chemical, physical or biological nature
  • Appropriate packaging intended for the final use of the product (e.g. – Microwavable packaging, resealable packets etc)
  • Ability to sustain the stress of production and distribution – won’t crack/break or degrade

No material is inert. When a material like plastic is put into contact with edible products there will be a release of substances from the plastic into the edible content. The release will depend on 3 factors namely:

-The types of material

-Type of edible content

-Contact conditions

However, the release or ‘migrants’ as they are known into the food content doesn’t not render it toxic or dangerous to consume because a shield layer of plastic which is food grade is used while forming the packaging material. Even the  migration is taken into account by regulators while approving a new food contact substances. Studies on toxicology are carried out by regulators prior to approval.

UFlex Ltd. India’s largest flexible packaging company has been offering amongst others, the food packaging solutions for more than two decades now.  The company offers packaging materials for food products made out of BOPET (Biaxially Oriented Polytthylene Terapthalate), BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) and CPP (Cast Polypropylene) films. The manufacturing of these products are in strict adherence to the international standards and norms. Flexible packaging at Uflex is known for excellent chemical resistance, strength, protection against moisture and odour and dimensional stability.

Keeping up with the times and the dynamics of the packaging industry UFlex has been a pioneer in setting benchmarks for delivering innovative packaging concepts and to ensure the safety and viability of the packaged food in its life cycle.

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