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Flexible Packaging Trends in 2014

With the year 2013 virtually coming to a close, the time is ripe to analyze the trends in the coming year. The packaging industry in Indiais worth $24.6 billion with 22,000 firms comprising of raw material manufacturers, machinery suppliers, subsidiary material etc. The plastic packaging in India is growing at about 20-25%.

In 2014, the basic packaging trends are expected to be:

1) Focus on the shape and structure: The packaged good will always be recognized by the packaging style and in 2014, the shape, size and material that the product is packaged in will gain priority as each aspect can be an identifying tool for the brand.

Packaging will need to reduce to smaller portions as the trend of customers buying those portions is gaining popularity. Hence, single serve or single use size packaging will be in trend in the New Year. Customers will lean more towards flexible packaging since it’s more convenient in terms of storage and takes up lesser space than other forms of packaging.

The materials used in the manufacturing of the package are also going to be vital. The texture, opacity, the finish and finally the recyclability or the amount of recycled material that is used in the package will be a structural element which will be on top of the customer’s agenda.

2) Message on the package: Consumers today are bombarded with information and in such a scenario for your package to stand out amongst its competitors and to retain the consumer’s attention it is important that the message on your package is concise and clear.  Basically, two fundamental questions: What are you- wherein the writing should clearly tell the customer about the packaged product. In case of any ambiguity, the packaging should make sure to clear the confusion. The second would be-what are you-the manufacturer can talk about the benefits of the product, its USP etc but care should be taken that there is no overdose of information. People today have no time to read and analyze overcrowded package.

3) Stand up pouches gain popularity- Stand up pouches are a favorites of customers in today’s age. A growing number of consumers favor the trend of stand up pouches. These pouches are cost saving, has a longer and improved shelf life, better barrier performance. Apart from that even for the manufacturer it’s a more economical option it decreases operating cost, increases output and offer greater flexibility in terms of shape and design. Stand up pouches are used extensively in FMCG produce. Stand up pouches is going to be one of the major gainers and trendsetters in 2014.

4) Green Packaging- Recyclable PET made from renewable sources will see a spurt in the coming year and the trend is here to stay. Due to the largely aware segment of consumers large industries have been investing heavily in development of environmentally friendly flexible packaging. Uflex Ltd., India’s largest flexible packaging manufacturer has made sincere efforts to reduce environmental impact of its products and the production process by manufacturing packages that are made out of use of green raw materials and are reprocess able thereby, minimizing emissions that may pose a threat to the environment.

The Indian packaging scenario will witness more growth for flexible packaging owing to its cost-effectiveness and sustainability credentials. Be it in the West or in the East, the growth will be driven by a host of factors within the packaging and consumer retail sectors.  Features like longer product shelf life, weight reduction and customer convenience are areas for packaging manufacturers to grow and innovate in.