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Uflex Pyrolysis Plants “Plastics to Fuel” Recycling Plastics for a Healthier Tomorrow

Worldwide research estimates that 8.3 billion metric tonnes of plastic has been produced in the last 65 years. About 60% of that has already ended up in landfill, harming the environment. If this trend continues, it will be an alarming 12 billion tonnes by 2050.

Effective management of waste is a key factor in maintaining the input cost for any business. One such upcoming resource recovery process is Pyrolysis that converts waste into energy that not only protects our environment by clearing plastic waste, but also fuels tomorrow’s growth!

In order to recycle the plastic waste generated out of its process, Indian flexible packaging giant Uflex has taken the lead by recently commissioning the first ever Pyrolysis Process Plant in North India.

Uflex’s Waterless Internet Flower Packaging Wins Top Honors at Sustainability Awards 2018

24 October 2018, Noida (Uttar Pradesh): Waterless Internet Flower Packaging, a remarkable breakthrough in packaging of flowers by Uflex, was pronounced winner of the overall ‘Best Sustainable Packaging Innovation’ Sustainability Awards 2018. It also emerged as a front runner in the ‘Resource Efficiency’ category that honors innovations in packaging that do more with less, such as down-gauging material or reducing the carbon footprint without increasing the environmental impact of the packaged products. Uflex’s entry won both the awards at the Sustainability Awards ceremony that took place yesterday at Scanpack in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Sustainability Awards, hosted by Packaging Europe, is a comprehensive and rigorously judged initiative that recognizes the packaging industry’s top achievement in innovative packaging design, material, technologies and processes. The competition challenges the industry to take a holistic approach to sustainability and to bring out the best ideas around improving the environmental footprint of packaging.

The Passion for Packaging – Cover Story in the June 2018 Edition of What Packaging? by Print Week India

The Passion for Packaging – Cover Story in the June 2018 Edition of What Packaging by Print Week India

The Growing Trend of Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability is fast gaining favours among companies, with consumers increasingly looking to buy products that are ‘green’. A recent report highlighted the growing trend of sustainable packaging in growing markets of China and India. The cause is attributed to a growing middle class who is aware of health and environmental issues of flexible packaging. It is forecasted that by 2018, Asia will become the largest market for sustainable packaging in the world accounting for 32% of the overall market share. In the same year consumer demand, technological advancement will push sustainable packaging to a $244 billion mark.

Bioplastics have been playing an integral role in company’s sustainability drive over the past couple of years and these materials will be more and more commonly available as we further head into the new millennium. The global production of bioplastics is tipped to increase from 1.2 million tonnes in 2011 to 5.8 million tonnes by 2016.

The approach towards sustainability also offers a competitive business advantage that manufacturers should keep in mind. Good environmental performance and business value can work in tandem, and this is all the more relevant in today’s time.

In addition to clear business advantage, sustainable packaging offers exploring innovative options both for the flexible packaging manufacturer and the FMCG industry. It is important that both the sectors work together to employ a number of innovative approach to improve sustainability of their products like recycling and reprocessing infrastructure, using optimum packaging, producing packaging from bio-based materials.

Packaging companies in India like the Uflex Ltd., which is India’s largest flexible package provider, has always been committed towards sustainable options of flexible packaging. Being on the edge of innovation they provide packaging that keeps the products safe, fresh and devoid of any harmful reactions. With the constant R&D for safer and environment friendly packaging, the company is dedicated to bring safer, better and sustainable packaging solutions.

Uflex products are high on sustainability which is important in packaging as the product is very close to the consumer and is usually assumed as a waste. Uflex believes that wherever possible all flexible packaging waste should be re-cycled or reprocessed in the same industry or alternative applications.

Their Green pet and rPET techniques ensure that the plastic is manufactured in an environment friendly manner without compromising on the quality of the product and the recycling and reprocessing of the plastic waste is done in a safe and non hazardous manner.

In its new role, sustainability is a way for the company to provide a platform to the consumers that allows them to feel like they have made a difference, to have done something that they might not have been able to achieve on their own and feel good about the purchase.

Sustainable and Convenient Packaging

Green is the new buzzword within the packaging industry. Sustainable ideas and environmental friendly packaging is at the helm of innovation for the flexible packaging companies all over the world. The ecological impact and effect on environment by various packaging solutions is the significant force at present. The mantra is the 3 Rs which can help save our environment is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

The latest technologies helps the manufacturers to engineer and produce packaging that is simple to use, is eco-friendly and also creates an appeal amongst the consumers.

Flexible packaging today offers a variety of packaging options that has shrink sleeves, resealable option, rise up plastic packages, zip pouches, stand up pouches etc. These help the food take the shape of the package and preserve the content for a longer shelf life. The quality of lamination also helps preserve the food and its taste for a longer period. Flexible packaging is a sustainable packaging solution as it makes less use of resources and materials. There is less wastage and less use of energy and water at the manufacturing level.

There are diverse packaging systems for different kinds of products. The manufacturers adopt them in order to satisfy the requirements and in accordance to the taste of the consumers. In this blog we look at the sustainable benefits offered by Foil packaging and stand up pouches.

Foil packaging is additionally being adopted by a number of snack manufacturing units as it releases less amount of plastic harm to the atmosphere. The bag has the power to sustain shock, squeeze, temperature changes and it doesn’t have any negative impact on the human body. Many manufacturers opt for vacuum packaging along with foil package. This allows the food to be free from contamination and the foil ensures that the packaged product stays fresh throughout its intended shelf life. It also saves up on space as compared to more traditional methods of packaging.

A stand up pouch is another option in flexible packaging as an eco friendly alternative to other forms of packaging especially for liquid products. It is a more sustainable option as compared to more traditional forms of rigid packaging like bottles, cans, jars etc which are used to packing liquid products, baby food, cereal etc. Stand up pouches use less space which means less transportation and storage cost. The chances of spillage etc are also lessened considerably. Many pouches come with resealable options like screw on caps which make the product more convenient and sustainable. Spouted pouches are a popular choice among the consumers, manufacturers, and retailers due to their ability to inhibit harmful impact on the environment, their ease of use, inexpensive nature, and flexible packaging options.

Uflex has always been committed towards sustainable options of flexible packaging. Being on the edge of innovation we provide packaging that keeps the products safe, fresh and devoid of any harmful reactions. With our constant R&D for safer and environment friendly packaging, we are dedicated to bringing safer, better and sustainable packaging solutions.

Our Green pet and rPET techniques ensure that the plastic is manufactured in an environment friendly manner without compromising on the quality of the product. Uflex has identified 4 areas of sustainability and they are:

-Energy conservation

-Reduction in carbon based resources

-waste minimization

– recycling

To know more about our sustainability initiatives please follow this link: http://www.uflexltd-packaging.com/csr/sustainability-initiatives/