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Mr. Chandan Chattaraj writes an exclusive OPED for People Matters about the transformation in the Talent Acquisition landscape!

May 05, 2018 | People Matters

Does employer branding lead to more efficient Talent Acquisition practice? What strategies should one follow to streamline TA Practices? Read on to find out.

“A company’s ability to be competitive, manage business performance and execute strategy increasingly depends on its finesse to manage workforce strategically. Talent Acquisition (TA) today is a strategic function and takes a lot of time of the key duo – the CEO & the CHRO in any organization. It is both a science and an art, it has moved completely away from the unstructured and traditional way to competency-based structured function.”


Global employees in a global village

The world being a global village, hiring cannot be confined to limited geography in this talent-hungry job market. Global companies like us look out for employees who can make a difference to the organization with specialized skills and competencies. Today Talent Acquisition teams are always on their toes and proactively locate, source and manage talent on a global basis. There could be Mexicans working in US plants, French working in Poland plant, Filipinos working in Dubai plant apart from Indians working in different parts of the world. For a global organization, Talent Acquisition must rise above the limitations posed by geographical barriers.

Specialized formulation by Uflex renders barrier packaging for edible-oil reprocessable

Noida, 06 April 2018: In a big boost to its commitment towards sustainability and circular economy, India’s largest multinational flexible packaging materials and solution company Uflex Limited has developed a customised formulation that renders barrier packaging for edible-oil re-processable.

Specialized formulation by Uflex renders barrier packaging for edible-oil reprocessable

Talking about this major breakthrough in promoting flexible packaging sustainability, Joint President, Packaging and New Product Development at Uflex Mr. Jeevaraj Pillai said, “Edible oil needs to be carefully protected from oxygen that makes it rancid. Barrier properties in a coextruded film for edible-oil packaging are imparted by Nylon and/or EVOH. However, it is the presence of these two elements that makes the packaging of edible-oil non-reprocessable. We at Uflex have developed a specialized formulation that renders barrier packaging for edible-oil re-processable despite the presence of Nylon and/or EVOH.

Flex Films develops unique Polyester Film proving that ‘Soft is the New Strong’

Elizabethtown, Kentucky (USA) 02 April 2018: Polymeric films with satin soft surface, yet strong and durable are a dichotomy. But not anymore! Flex Films – the global film manufacturing arm of Uflex has developed an innovative bi-axially oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BOPET) film with a unique velvety and luxurious surface at its manufacturing plant in Elizabethtown Kentucky in the United States.

The new soft touch film FLEXPETTM F-STF exhibits exceptional scratch, heat and scuff resistance which has been a serious need-gap in the industry for flexible substrates. The surface is self-healing from most scuffing and is optimally durable.

Flex Films Launches F-STF

Talking about the new soft-touch BOPET film, Dr. Steven J. Sargeant, GM, Technology at Flex Films (USA) Inc. said, “If we scratch the surface of this film, it won’t be scratched. Soft touch is rendered through a robust surface coating, in combination with a proprietary in-line anchor coating on the base polyester film. It is this combination which imparts unique properties of self-healing, toughness and durability along with the soft texture. This effectively increases converters’ yield as they generate less scrap and have less customer rejections or other associated issues.”

Elaborating upon the properties of the film, Mr. Vijay Yadav, Business Head, Flex Films (USA) Inc said, “The film has superior tactile properties. In addition to a soft surface that is heat and water resistant, the film exhibits improved scuff resistance along with ultra-low gloss (5-8 Gloss Units) and robustness superior to commodity matte surface films. All polymeric films tend to stick to themselves. This adhesion is termed as ‘blocking’. In the case of our soft-touch film this isn’t an issue to worry about at all. Through the combination of base film and off-line coating design, we have been able to avoid blocking, improve durability of the soft touch at high processing speeds. This in turn leads to higher production throughput. The film as you would see is thinner than previous low-quality solutions currently available in the market. This clearly decreases material costs of the end-use packaging at brands’ end.”

Speaking about the value proposition of the new product, Mr. Anantshree Chaturvedi, Vice Chairman and CEO, Flex Films International said, “This film is FDA compliant for a range of uses making it further unique. It finds extensive use in luxury brand packaging, decorative packaging, labelling, graphic advertising banners, and high-end stationery products among others. F-STF film exhibits low gloss, excellent matte homogeneity with high haze (>90%) and very high contact (see- through) clarity. This means that the film can be readily reverse printed by convertors to impart deep and rich graphics. The surface maintains its soft and luxurious feel yet being strong and durable enough to withstand the ensuing rigours of handling throughout the value chain. Tactile feel products have an anticipated CGAR of 12-15% and are thought to be the highest growth segment in flexible packaging spaces in the United States. This is an encouraging opportunity that Flex Films is pursuing.”

Sharing his thoughts about FLEXPETTM F-STF film, Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman & Managing Director Uflex Limited said, “This is a classic example of value-engineering. My engineers at Flex Films by addressing two rather dichotomous issues of maintaining a velvety soft surface texture of the BOPET film while simultaneously ensuring good tensile strength have given the convertors best of both the worlds. This is one of the very many ways we keep enhancing business value for our clients globally.”

Uflex manufactures first Made in India Glitter Printing Rotogravure Cylinder – Infographic

UFlex Ltd.manufactures first Made in India Glitter Printing Rotogravure Cylinder --- Infographic !!!

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