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Mr. Chandan Chattaraj writes an exclusive OPED for People Matters about the transformation in the Talent Acquisition landscape!

May 05, 2018 | People Matters

Does employer branding lead to more efficient Talent Acquisition practice? What strategies should one follow to streamline TA Practices? Read on to find out.

“A company’s ability to be competitive, manage business performance and execute strategy increasingly depends on its finesse to manage workforce strategically. Talent Acquisition (TA) today is a strategic function and takes a lot of time of the key duo – the CEO & the CHRO in any organization. It is both a science and an art, it has moved completely away from the unstructured and traditional way to competency-based structured function.”


Global employees in a global village

The world being a global village, hiring cannot be confined to limited geography in this talent-hungry job market. Global companies like us look out for employees who can make a difference to the organization with specialized skills and competencies. Today Talent Acquisition teams are always on their toes and proactively locate, source and manage talent on a global basis. There could be Mexicans working in US plants, French working in Poland plant, Filipinos working in Dubai plant apart from Indians working in different parts of the world. For a global organization, Talent Acquisition must rise above the limitations posed by geographical barriers.

Specialized formulation by Uflex renders barrier packaging for edible-oil reprocessable

Noida, 06 April 2018: In a big boost to its commitment towards sustainability and circular economy, India’s largest multinational flexible packaging materials and solution company Uflex Limited has developed a customised formulation that renders barrier packaging for edible-oil re-processable.

Specialized formulation by Uflex renders barrier packaging for edible-oil reprocessable

Talking about this major breakthrough in promoting flexible packaging sustainability, Joint President, Packaging and New Product Development at Uflex Mr. Jeevaraj Pillai said, “Edible oil needs to be carefully protected from oxygen that makes it rancid. Barrier properties in a coextruded film for edible-oil packaging are imparted by Nylon and/or EVOH. However, it is the presence of these two elements that makes the packaging of edible-oil non-reprocessable. We at Uflex have developed a specialized formulation that renders barrier packaging for edible-oil re-processable despite the presence of Nylon and/or EVOH.

5 Ways Brands Benefit from Smart Packaging


5 Ways brands benefit from Smart Packaging

The market for Smart Packaging Market is consistently growing and is expected to reach $39 billion by 2020 growing at a CAGR of 7%, says a recent market report by Research and Markets.

Smart and Intelligent packaging offers superior aesthetics, enhanced functionality, safety, convenience and value for money to the consumers. These factors play a significant role in shaping the customer buying behavior firming up the purchase decision at the point of sale thereby directly impacting brand equity.

Active and smart packaging has the potential to make significant contribution towards enhancing the reach of a brand. Consider these 5 ways in which smart packaging earns extra credits to the brand owner:

1)     Relevance:  Smart packaging means enhanced customer interface. Tech Savvy customers use newer forms of media or technology platforms and those brands who engage on these platforms undoubtedly stand a higher chance of staying relevant in consumer’s life.

2)     Enhanced Information making it truly ‘Intelligent Packaging’: Smart codes embedded onto the package means compiling more information that helps the consumer making informed purchase decisions.  Manufactures can supply information on sourcing, nutritional values, dietary concerns etc to the consumer through a QR (Quick Response) code. Intelligent packaging establishes a dynamic interaction with sensing devices on packaging such as NFC (near-field communication), RFID (radio-frequency identification), and smart labels. Empowering a customer will go a long way in maintaining loyal consumer base.

3)     Perceptible extended shelf life: An intelligent package calibrates itself in accordance with the ambience outside and inside the package. For instance color changing plastics can detect food spoilage and communicate the same to the retailers and consumers. Time Temperature Indicator Plastics are a big boon to detect loss of quality of the products packed. Food labels that communicate the packaged product’s state of freshness are getting picked up faster from the shelves.

4)     Business Intelligence: In fact many organizations are already making good use of intelligent/ smart packaging to track goods in the supply chain. It is now possible to track the quality and safety of packaged goods at various points within the distribution line. From tracking supply chains to monitoring customer behavior, intelligent packaging has now made it possible for the brands to connect, capture, track and receive business intelligence.

5)     Increased sustainability: Smart packaging can also help reduce the impact of packaging on the environment, giving brand owners a more sustainable package. Also switching to smart packaging can be economical, giving the brands a competitive edge by reduction at source and thereby leaving less carbon footprints.

Being India’s largest flexible packaging company, Uflex is a pioneer in setting benchmarks for delivering innovative packaging concepts that ensure superior aesthetics, enhanced functionality, better barrier properties besides being eco-friendly and counterfeiting proof.  Uflex has a wide client base across the globe with a formidable market presence in over 140 countries.