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Stick Packs The New Age Packaging


Uflex successfully tests Flexfresh™Liner Bags for Papaya

India’s largest global flexible packaging solution company, Uflex Limited has been working towards expanding the reach of its Flexfresh™Liner Bags to improve product availability and offer better shelf life extension solution for fresh produce.Condition

One of the major Tropical Fruits is Papaya with exceptional nutritional benefits to the consumer.  It is rich in Carotenes, Vitamin C, Antioxidants, Flavonoids and several other minerals. It lowers Cholesterol, helps in Weight Loss, Boosts Immunity amongst several other health benefits.

More than 50% of the world’s Papaya is produced in Asia, followed by South America with around 20% of the production. USA is the largest importer of Papaya from South America with import volumes of around 200,000 Tons annually. India is the largest producer of Papaya in the world with almost 40% papaya produced, with a very high domestic consumption of the fruit.

Perfotec andUflex have been working with Fresh Produce growers to maximize Shelf life using Active Modified Atmosphere Packaging (AMAP) solution. The solutions deliver the best quality produce to the markets with possibility of moving away from Air shipments and switching to Sea Shipments there by improving availability and also ensuring continuity in the supply chain making the product affordable for the consumers by cutting on expensive Air Freight simultaneously reducing the wastage.

Perfotec and Uflex jointly performed trials in India as well as Holland with Leading Growers and Importers to determine the possible Shelf life extension solution for Papaya.

Fast Respiration Meter from Perfotec was used to determine the Rate of Respiration under the Supply Chain temperature of 10° C and the transmission determined to maintain ideal Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide inside the liner bags to maintain Freshness and extend Shelf life.

“Trials were conducted with 60*40 Flexfresh™Liner Bags in open top corrugated boxes. Product was packed in semi ripe condition in warm condition in the liner bags and were hermetically closed and moved to the Cold Store. By using Flexfresh™ Liner Bags the product remains dry and registers a very low weight loss, due to the hydrated environment inside the bag. Flexfresh™ does not allowcondensation due to its unique proprietary formulation giving a major relief to exporters against Bacterial and Fungal infections. With the Biodegradability of the Liner Bag, it is a perfect sustainable solution,” explained N. Siva Shankaran Vice President – Flexfresh™ at Uflex.

Explaining the results,Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman and Managing Director, Uflex Ltd., said that the major benefit of using the Flexfresh™ Liner bags is the possibility of having an elevated Carbon Dioxide level which prevented yellowing of the fruit and maintained firmness to the fruit quality. He added that growers could attain a shelf life of 30 Days for Papaya using the Flexfresh™ Liner Bags.

Terming this as an important milestone in Shelf Life extension and market accessibility Mr. Bas Groeneweg, Director, Perfotec BV informed that with the health benefits of Papaya,Flexfresh™Liner Bags will deliver good quality fruit around the year. With major health benefits of Papaya, we should see more imports in to Europe he added.

Perfotec and Uflex have been building a strong distribution network across the world to cater to the needs of Flexfresh™ across Fresh Produce growing regions.

Visit Uflex and Perfotec at Asia Fruit Logistica, Hong Kong; 7-9 Sep 2016;

Hall 3, Stall T-39

Low S.I.T.High Seal Strength Matt Film by Uflex is the GameChanger for Big Bags

 ‘Big bags’, as the name suggests are rather heavy duty packages used for bulk-packing items like building materials, flour, rice and pet food among several others. Uflex Limited apart from possessingsuperior capabilities of providing end to end flexible packaging solutions for semi-solids, viscous fluids, pastes and gelsis an undisputed Industry Leader offering packaging solutions for solids, granular materials and powdersas well. Right from as little as 5 grams to as much as 40 kilograms,Uflex can pack it all with finesse.Big Bags manufactured by Uflex using the specially engineered Low SIT BOPP Film

A daunting challenge confronting the big bag industry was the difficulty in manufacturingHigh Coefficient Of Friction (COF) anti-skid bags in matt option owing to the inherent properties of the ordinary OPP film. A high COF is imperative for stacking big bags on to the pallets. Bags made fromordinary matt finish oriented polypropylene (OPP) filmcannot be stacked as they skid during palletization. Thus there has been a burgeoning demand from the global clientele for big bags in Matt finish option.

Immaculately engineered Big Bags by the Converting/ Packaging Business vertical of Uflex are made by combining high COF,Low SIT, High Seal Strength Matt Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene Filmand High Performance Woven Polypropylene (WPP) fabric. This combination imparts high strength to the bags making them fit for heavy duty applications. The big bags made of this special film have qualified the critical drop testsas laid down by the ASTM standards.

ThisLow SIT High Seal Strength Matt Bi-axially Orientated Polypropylene Film engineered by the Packaging Film Business vertical of Uflexoffers a number of positives like high haze > 75%; Low Seal Initiation Temperature (SIT)- 108 degrees C; low gloss on matt side; excellent matt dispersion; good contact transparency and excellent homogeneity. The film also exhibits high Hot-Tack strength and imparts paper like matt look to the bag significantly enhancing its aesthetics.

This special film used for manufacturing big bags allows good stacking and sealing for pinch bottom. Pinch bottom is the process of step-cut sealing at the bottom of the bags through hot air purging.The pinch bottom option offers far superior sealing as compared to conventional methods like bottom fold taping and stitching. Above all, pinch bottom offers a leak-proof seal as opposed to ordinary sealing.

Commenting upon the success of this specially engineered packaging film, Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman & Managing Director Uflex Limited said, “Low SIT High Seal Strength Matt Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene Film has appropriately addressed the inherent lacunae of the ordinary matt finish OPP films and is pegged as the game changer for big bags owing to the host of benefits that it brings along. This film therefore is a classic example of innovation by Uflex to create value added differentiation for clients globally.I am happy for the contemporary solution oriented approach of my R&D teams across business verticalsand congratulate them on this success. The USP of Uflex lies in the very fact that we are a fully integrated end to end global flexible packaging solution company. This innovation is yet another testimony of the synergetic interplay of our business verticals coming up with a profoundly innovative packaging solution.”


Rising much above just a metaphor, flexible packaging has actually offered unprecedented flexibility to consumers to buy and consume quantities only that they require at a given point in time.  This metamorphosis was brought about in the early eighties when Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, Founder of Uflex had introduced the concept of unit pack in the Indian market. It was the turning point in the Indian FMCG sector.STICK-PACKAGING-02 (1)

Innovation has ever since been the mainstay of the flexible packaging industry.. Consumers today demand convenience, sustainability, quality assurance, and the flexible packaging industry is perfectly delivering on the promise. For many years now, stand up pouches have been adding glamour on the shelf space with interesting shapes, designs and colour schemes. But now as trends change and so does customer’s preferences, stick packs, those long, thin skinny containers that can hold everything from chocolate to medicine potions to face creams are selling like hot cakes in the market. Stick packs draw their lineage from the unit packs.

Today stick packaging seem to be leaving conventional packaging behind in the race. Markets & Markets has recently predicted a market worth of $316.61 million by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 6.26% during the review period. The growth is driven by growing demands of convenience and portability that stick packs offer, aggressive pricing and rising consumer spends and a visible shift from rigid to flexible packaging.

Some of the factorsattributable to the growing popularity of Stick packaging are:

  • Uses 10-40% less film per impression than rectangular pouches, translating into savings per-unit
  • It is suitable for dry or liquid products including hot fills,
  • The slim design caters to single use convenience across all age groups
  • The package offers ease of use by controlled opening and dispensing without spillage
  • Since it is smaller than a sugar pack or portion pack, the carbon footprint too is lesser compared to other forms of packaging

Cutting edge modern technology has enhanced the quality of stick packaging making it an effective tool of marketing for leading products and brands. As the universal acceptance of stick packaging continues to grow, be if coffee, spices, juices, creamers, yogurt, cosmetics, chocolates, detergents, pharmaceutical products or motor oils, stick packaging is working out to be applicable to nearly all sorts of goods, consumer or industrial.

Stick pack represents ingenious approach towards product packaging. An innovative design that catches the eye of the consumer on the shelf is a critical factor driving sales volumes and enhancing brand image. Combine that with the convenience and durability this form offers, it’s a win-win situation for both manufacturers and end consumers.

Uflex since its inception in the early eighties has built an immaculate reputation as a driving agent for innovation to create value added differentiation for its customers across the globe.  Integrated within its core business profile of films and packaging products are allied businesses like Engineering, Cylinders, Chemicals and Holography that further give Uflex a superior edge above competition.

Consolidated Net Profit of Uflex Limited jumps by 13% to Rs. 86.2 Crore in Q1 FY 2016-17 (Y-O-Y)

17 August 2016, Noida: India’s largest global flexible packaging solution company Uflex Limited has reported a 13% jump in the consolidated net profit for the quarter ended 30 June 2016 as compared to the same quarter in the previous fiscal. The net profit for Q1 FY 2016-17 stood at INR 86.2 Crore as opposed to INR 76.2 Crore in the last financial year.


Consolidated EBITDA for Q1 FY 2016-17 has been INR 228.4 Crore as compared to INR 219.3 Crore recorded in Q1 FY 2015-16, thereby clocking in a growth of 4%.

Consolidated Net Revenue stood at INR 1538.70 Crore declining by 4% as compared to INR 1605.00 Crore recorded in Q1 FY 2015-16. While there has been a drop in Net Revenue caused by lower sales price owing to sliding raw material costs, the volumes during the quarter have grown by 3%.

In an official newsletter released soon after declaring the earnings for Q1 FY 2016-17, Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman and Managing Director, Uflex Limited said, “The new financial year has commenced on an exhilarating note with Product Innovation, Process Improvements, Technological Collaborations and Partnerships fortifying positive change. I am pleased to inform that we have inaugurated Fully Automatic Robotic Laser Engraving Line at our Noida facility in technical collaboration with M/s. Think Lab, Japan. This has reduced the cumbersome process of manufacturing rotogravure printing cylinders to a single operator job while tremendously increasing both precision of job and the efficiency.

In the month of June 2016 we exhibited at the most celebrated event of the print and cross media solution industry ‘Drupa’ at Dusseldorf, Germany. The response has been overwhelming with a lot of interest by global clientele in the end-to-end flexible packaging solutions offered by Uflex. At the event, we announced technological collaboration with Comiflex SRL Italy for manufacturing geared and gearless C.I. Flexo Printing Machines at our Engineering Plant in India under a Technology Transfer Agreement with the latter.

I am glad to share that we have also extended our existing alliance with Wave Front Technology Inc. to manufacture Fresnel lens packaging film at our manufacturing plant in Poland to cater to European and CIS countries.

That said, the quarters lying ahead behold promising business prospects for your company and together we will cross several momentous milestones.”

Further upholding its commitment towards Mother Nature, Uflex has commenced interventions towards Natural Resource Conservation and Optimization of Ecosystem in two villages of Gautam Buddha Nagar District. This entails recharging the ground water-table through rainwater harvesting measures and improving the ecological quotient and greenery through focused plantation drives. These programmatic interventions are being carried out using the participatory rural appraisal mechanism.

Various social and environmental initiatives undertaken by the company ensure continued business sustainability.