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Flexible Packaging Trends in 2016


Flexible Packaging Trends in 2014

With the year 2013 virtually coming to a close, the time is ripe to analyze the trends in the coming year. The packaging industry in Indiais worth $24.6 billion with 22,000 firms comprising of raw material manufacturers, machinery suppliers, subsidiary material etc. The plastic packaging in India is growing at about 20-25%.

In 2014, the basic packaging trends are expected to be:

1) Focus on the shape and structure: The packaged good will always be recognized by the packaging style and in 2014, the shape, size and material that the product is packaged in will gain priority as each aspect can be an identifying tool for the brand.

Packaging will need to reduce to smaller portions as the trend of customers buying those portions is gaining popularity. Hence, single serve or single use size packaging will be in trend in the New Year. Customers will lean more towards flexible packaging since it’s more convenient in terms of storage and takes up lesser space than other forms of packaging.

The materials used in the manufacturing of the package are also going to be vital. The texture, opacity, the finish and finally the recyclability or the amount of recycled material that is used in the package will be a structural element which will be on top of the customer’s agenda.

2) Message on the package: Consumers today are bombarded with information and in such a scenario for your package to stand out amongst its competitors and to retain the consumer’s attention it is important that the message on your package is concise and clear.  Basically, two fundamental questions: What are you- wherein the writing should clearly tell the customer about the packaged product. In case of any ambiguity, the packaging should make sure to clear the confusion. The second would be-what are you-the manufacturer can talk about the benefits of the product, its USP etc but care should be taken that there is no overdose of information. People today have no time to read and analyze overcrowded package.

3) Stand up pouches gain popularity- Stand up pouches are a favorites of customers in today’s age. A growing number of consumers favor the trend of stand up pouches. These pouches are cost saving, has a longer and improved shelf life, better barrier performance. Apart from that even for the manufacturer it’s a more economical option it decreases operating cost, increases output and offer greater flexibility in terms of shape and design. Stand up pouches are used extensively in FMCG produce. Stand up pouches is going to be one of the major gainers and trendsetters in 2014.

4) Green Packaging- Recyclable PET made from renewable sources will see a spurt in the coming year and the trend is here to stay. Due to the largely aware segment of consumers large industries have been investing heavily in development of environmentally friendly flexible packaging. Uflex Ltd., India’s largest flexible packaging manufacturer has made sincere efforts to reduce environmental impact of its products and the production process by manufacturing packages that are made out of use of green raw materials and are reprocess able thereby, minimizing emissions that may pose a threat to the environment.

The Indian packaging scenario will witness more growth for flexible packaging owing to its cost-effectiveness and sustainability credentials. Be it in the West or in the East, the growth will be driven by a host of factors within the packaging and consumer retail sectors.  Features like longer product shelf life, weight reduction and customer convenience are areas for packaging manufacturers to grow and innovate in.

Uflex invests $400 million to expand

India’s $1 billion film and flexible packaging maker Uflex Ltd. has given a nod to a plan that includes expanding plants and establishing new factories in India and overseas.

The firm, one of the largest and fastest-growing flexible packaging firms in India, has drawn up a three-year growth strategy.

“The expansion plan … envisages opening new plants in new locations inside and outside India,” said President R.K. Jain, in an interview with Plastics News at the company’s headquarters in Noida, near Delhi.

“We have earmarked an investment of $400 million,” said Jain.

The move is aimed at doubling the company’s annual revenue to $2 billion in four to five years.

In the past three years, Uflex has opened plants in Egypt, Poland and the U.S., besides India, and expanded its Mexico facility.

“We have now consolidated and stabilized our operations in these markets and we are now ready for next phase of expansion,” he said. Uflex has not identified sites for the proposed plants. “We have no plant in the Far Eastern market, so that could be one of the regions on our radar,” he said.

Uflex controls about a 30-35 percent share of India’s $4 billion packaging industry.

Sustainable and Convenient Packaging

Green is the new buzzword within the packaging industry. Sustainable ideas and environmental friendly packaging is at the helm of innovation for the flexible packaging companies all over the world. The ecological impact and effect on environment by various packaging solutions is the significant force at present. The mantra is the 3 Rs which can help save our environment is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

The latest technologies helps the manufacturers to engineer and produce packaging that is simple to use, is eco-friendly and also creates an appeal amongst the consumers.

Flexible packaging today offers a variety of packaging options that has shrink sleeves, resealable option, rise up plastic packages, zip pouches, stand up pouches etc. These help the food take the shape of the package and preserve the content for a longer shelf life. The quality of lamination also helps preserve the food and its taste for a longer period. Flexible packaging is a sustainable packaging solution as it makes less use of resources and materials. There is less wastage and less use of energy and water at the manufacturing level.

There are diverse packaging systems for different kinds of products. The manufacturers adopt them in order to satisfy the requirements and in accordance to the taste of the consumers. In this blog we look at the sustainable benefits offered by Foil packaging and stand up pouches.

Foil packaging is additionally being adopted by a number of snack manufacturing units as it releases less amount of plastic harm to the atmosphere. The bag has the power to sustain shock, squeeze, temperature changes and it doesn’t have any negative impact on the human body. Many manufacturers opt for vacuum packaging along with foil package. This allows the food to be free from contamination and the foil ensures that the packaged product stays fresh throughout its intended shelf life. It also saves up on space as compared to more traditional methods of packaging.

A stand up pouch is another option in flexible packaging as an eco friendly alternative to other forms of packaging especially for liquid products. It is a more sustainable option as compared to more traditional forms of rigid packaging like bottles, cans, jars etc which are used to packing liquid products, baby food, cereal etc. Stand up pouches use less space which means less transportation and storage cost. The chances of spillage etc are also lessened considerably. Many pouches come with resealable options like screw on caps which make the product more convenient and sustainable. Spouted pouches are a popular choice among the consumers, manufacturers, and retailers due to their ability to inhibit harmful impact on the environment, their ease of use, inexpensive nature, and flexible packaging options.

Uflex has always been committed towards sustainable options of flexible packaging. Being on the edge of innovation we provide packaging that keeps the products safe, fresh and devoid of any harmful reactions. With our constant R&D for safer and environment friendly packaging, we are dedicated to bringing safer, better and sustainable packaging solutions.

Our Green pet and rPET techniques ensure that the plastic is manufactured in an environment friendly manner without compromising on the quality of the product. Uflex has identified 4 areas of sustainability and they are:

-Energy conservation

-Reduction in carbon based resources

-waste minimization

- recycling

To know more about our sustainability initiatives please follow this link: http://www.uflexltd-packaging.com/csr/sustainability-initiatives/

UFLEX Ltd Q4 FY2012-’13 Consolidated Net Revenue at Rs. 1240 crore; and Net Profit at Rs. 41 Crore

New Delhi, May 30, 2013:- Uflex Ltd, the Bombay Stock Exchange (UFLEX: 500148) and NSE listed, India’s largest flexible packaging company has registered the Consolidated net revenue for the March quarter of 2013 of Rs. 1240 crore as against Rs. 1175  crore for the same period last year, up 5.5%  whereas the sales volume has grown by 13% due to availability of additional capacities at the new manufacturing facilities that commenced operations. However, the consolidated net profit for the quarter ended March 31, 2013 has been lower at Rs. 41 crore as against Rs. 51 crore for the same period last year due to continued downward pressure on the operating margins.

For the full financial year ended March 31, 2013, UFlex recorded a strong growth of 14% in consolidated net revenues at Rs. 5161 crore as against Rs. 4516 crore for the last year.  The net profit for the full financial year (FY 2012-13) has been lower  at Rs. 190 crore against Rs. 255 crore in the last year, a decrease  of 25%.

The higher revenue growth is attributed to new capacity expansion globally and increased uptake of innovative flexible packaging solutions offered by the company across sectors. Uflex completed the expansion in Poland successfully during July, 2012 and in Kentucky, USA during January 2013. Collectively the two facilities involved investments of about $150 million.

According to Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman and M.D. of UFLEX Ltd, “With growing number of markets in our fold and manufacturing facilities at important commercial centres of the globe gives us the necessary edge to serve our clients with quality products and services. Our direct near-shore presence to clients has enabled us to serve them promptly which is important in the dynamic business environment today. This has ensured long term relationships with customers globally and reflects well in our growth trajectory.”

Uflex’s strong manufacturing base in India, Mexico, Dubai, Egypt, Poland and USA caters to global markets spanning USA, Canada, South America, UK, Europe, Russia, CIS countries, South Africa and other African countries, the Middle East and the South Asian Countries.

Expansion Plans

UFLEX’s agenda of global expansion and consolidation of its position as a truly Indian MNC (Multinational Corporation) is reinforced with its strategy of capacity expansion and adding manufacturing lines for various product categories across existing and newer locations to increase proximity to the markets, but also to bring broad portfolio of value added products to its clients at competitive price points.

The company offers its flexible packaging products and solutions globally to clients including Unilever, Pepsi, Wrigley, Procter & Gamble, Colgate, Palmolive, Nestle, Gillette, Ranbaxy, Perfetti, Joyco, Monsanto, ITC, Godrej Pillsbury, Tata Tea, Hindustan Petroleum, Indian Oil, Britannia, Dabur, Haldiram, Wockhardt, HUL, Parle Biscuit, Birla 3M, among others.