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Uflex acclaimed and awarded by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for superior ‘Innovation’


The organization where Innovation holds the place of pride and is factored in every single strategic decision has been acclaimed by the top industry body, CII.

Recently, India’s largest flexible packaging company has been conferred with the CII Industrial Innovation Award 2015 in the ‘Manufacturing-Large Enterprise’ category.  The company has also ranked in Top 25 innovative organizations declared by the Confederation of Indian Industry.

The award ceremony was recently held in the National Capital. CII Industrial Innovation Awards mark the recognition & celebration of innovative Indian Enterprises across industry segments. These awards encourage innovation and business growth besides recognizing innovation excellence on the global turf. These awards acknowledge innovation in processes, products and services alike that have fuelled growth through new ideas and approaches along with tangible results in the preceding years. CII Industrial Innovation Awards are a testament to Indian Industry’s brightest stars and top innovative organizations in the country.

Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman and Managing Director, Uflex Limited in an official statement said “It is a defining moment for Uflex to have been awarded for innovation by none other than the loudest voice in the industry—The ‘Confederation of Indian Industry’. Innovation to create differentiation is a way of life at my organization. We relentlessly innovate to bring out the best flexible packaging solutions to the strategic advantage of our clients spread across the globe. This coupled up with ‘Speed to market reach’ and ‘proximity to customers’ further lend that competitive edge to us. We will continue to delight all stakeholders by adding value in everything we do.”

After Delhi, Uflex extends support to Stairs School Football League – Ahmedabad

India’s largest flexible packaging company Uflex has pledged support to the Ahmedabad Chapter of Stairs School Football League (SSFL) for the next five years. SSFL is the biggest school football league in the country.


Earlier this August, SSFL Delhi that entered into the second year was formally inaugurated with Uflex as a firm ally. The forum in its second year has gotten bigger and grander with participation confirmation from 288 schools comprising 32 girls’ teams and 256 boys’ teams. SSFL Delhi has engaged over 4,000 budding footballers in the city and the event will have witnessed nearly 600 matches before 2015 draws to a close, making it the biggest as well as the longest ever football league being played at the school level.

As the Chairman and Managing Director of Uflex Limited, Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi always says ‘Work that is for the larger good of the society must go on unhindered’, the organization is committed to replicate the success of SSFL Delhi in Ahmedabad as well. Notably SSFL has been conceptualized to identify football talent at early adolescence so that India could get some of the best players to take the country and the sport to the next level.

The fundamental objectives of SSFL include:

a) Transforming the sporting scenario at the grassroots,

b) Uprooting all obstacles confronting sporting talent at the hinterland and

c) Nurturing future champions and creating opportunities for them to excel

SSFL is a platform solely for the children under 14 and 17 years of age and exactly follows the FIFA World Cup format. It begins with league matches while the semi-final and final games are played at a central venue. All school teams intending to participate mandatorily have to go through the qualifier rounds.


SSFL has evolved to become one of the most significant ‘talent spotting’ platforms for clubs and bodies seeking to acquire talent right at early adolescence. While many officials and individuals from professional bodies keep their eyes on the budding players during the matches, selectors from international foreign clubs watch ‘live streaming’ of important matches and even call for recorded videos to assess the performance of promising players.

Speaking at the Press Conference, Mr. R.K. Jain, Group President (Corp. F & A), Uflex Limited re-affirming CMD Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi’s commitment to build a cohesive nation through promotion of Sports at the grassroots level said:

“Today we are very happy to take our experience of SSFL Delhi to Ahmedabad which will only invigorate with time to bring out the best footballers in the country. The right to play has been enshrined as a Universal Right in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and we are glad Uflex is furthering the cause. Sports besides rendering a physically fit and mentally alert nation are imperative for national integration where children and youth come together and play it out on the field irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or socio-economic status. Such is the power of Sports and we must harness it to build Brand India.  

Supporting SSFL- Ahmedabad chapter is like a second homecoming. Uflex is already in the process of setting up at Sanand (Gujarat), first of its kind Aseptic Packaging plant for packing liquid products which is fully aligned with Government’s Make in India initiative. Supporting Sports endeavor in the State further doubles up our joy.”

 Interacting with the Media at the Press Conference held in the city, Mr. Siddhartha Upadhyay, Founder and Secretary General, STAIRS said “The Ahmedabad Chapter of Stairs School Football League, will provide an opportunity to over 5000 children in Gujarat to showcase their football talent. The inaugural year will be totally dedicated towards scouting talent considering World Cup under 17 that will be held in India in 2017.

I am thankful to Uflex for its continued support to the initiative that will empower the children and youth of the state much like it would bolster the sport itself. This will inspire the children to play the sport with truest sportsmanship and even opt it as a career.”

The Global Packaging Industry has under gone a total metamorphosis with the changing consumer trends

Growing consumer awareness, urbanization, purchasing power are driving the trends in the global packaging industry, reports the Association of Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI).Factors like health and wellness, recycling, environmental issues, increasing disposable income, urbanization, convenience, smaller pack sizes, branding strategies are affecting the way packaging is done world over.

It is important for manufacturers to keep abreast with the market trends that reflect the changing needs of the consumers in the products that they offer.

From convenience to traceability, the product has to offer it all. The ‘cool to care’ consumers are seeking green packaging alternatives with a strong sustainability quotient. Hence, sustainability is no more an option- it is the essential part of future business planning for the packaging industry.

Consumers’ making informed choices more than ever has led the packaging labels to focus on the USPs. Smart packaging has paved way for innovative methods of display and product preservation. For, e.g., Products like vegetables, dairy, have a longer shelf life thanks to smart packaging. Innovative packaging designs for milk pouches are making the transportation of milk without refrigeration possible.

With its high standard of functionality, convenience, sustainability and cost-effectiveness, flexible packaging has made lives easier for on-the-go consumers. This factor is what has helped stoke the growth of the flexible packaging industry over the years.

According to Smithers Pira, the global flexible packaging industry is projected to reach  USD 248 billion by 2020. The growth prospects in the developing countries are exceedingly bright.

In the Indian context, the market is growing 14% p.a. It is expected to be a USD 32 billion industry in 2020)

Packaging which once upon a time had the simple purpose of protecting the packed products has come a long way. Today, owing to the increased awareness, packaging is an art, science and technology in itself. Progressive R&D has also ensured that packaging has become an integral part and a reflection of consumers’ personality and lifestyles.

India’s largest flexible packaging company, Uflex is in complete grip of the dynamic demands of today’s discerning customers. The company has pioneered never seen before innovations that have re-defined the contours of the flexible packaging industry. Uflex offers world class end to end flexible packaging solutions  that are unique, smart, intelligent and sustainable. Uflex’s promise to its customers ‘Innovation to create Differentiation’; ‘Proximity to Customers’ and ‘Providing the entire gamut of flexible packaging solutions’ has made the company an undisputed leader.

Does your food packaging grab consumers?

First Impression is the last impression and this is what forms the basic rule for packaging industries. Besides ensuring the packaging to be safe and hygienic, packing department necessarily has to spend time, money and energy in designing the packaging of the product. It is because packaging is often the consumer’s first point of contact. The more attractive the package, better are the chances of it flying off the shelf into the shopping basket.

The packaging becomes more important in case of food and beverages market. In case of packaged food, the packaging should not only be designed to attract the consumer but should also be able to specify the nutritional value of the food product. Consumers are constantly evolving to reflect societal values, likes and dislikes. Owing to the wide spread of internet and awareness, consumers are growing more health conscious and search for products that provide nutritional benefits. They seek packages that include food quality and safety, freshness and information rather than specific retailer and manufacturer driven benefits. Therefore, with so many nutritional and added-value food and beverage products entering the market, packaging has to be both eye-catching and adequately reflect health benefits.

The first thing in packaging that attracts the consumers is the color. The food packaging must necessarily take colors in the context of the product’s marketing goals. Hence, we can see children’s cereal packaging has many bright colors that attract their eyes; health-focused cereals will have more whites and pastels to project a softer, more adult image. Second is the design of the packaging. Along with colors, design can have noticeable effect on consumer behavior. Therefore, the food packaging should feature a design that makes it easier to eat.

Third is the sustainability of the packaging. The role of packaging is not limited to attract the consumer but extends to protect the food items inside. Protection from contamination and deterioration throughout its shelf life is also an integral part of good packaging. Therefore, packaging that is innovative, flexible and eco-friendly tends to create an appeal amongst the consumers.

Uflex Ltd., India’s largest flexible packaging company has been offering amongst others, the food packaging solutions for more than two decades now. Keeping up with the times and the dynamics of the packaging industry Uflex has been a pioneer in setting benchmarks for delivering innovative packaging concepts and to ensure the safety and viability of the packaged food in its life cycle. Flexible packaging at Uflex is known for excellent chemical resistance, strength, protection against moisture and odour and dimensional stability. Its innovations in packaging enable food retailers to better protect the quality of the products, while expanding the range of marketing possibilities.

Uflex’s Poland unit operations

India’s largest flexible packaging company Uflex Ltd had invested $ 80 Million to set-up 30,000 tones polyester film unit in the Polish city of Wrzesnia. It was announced on the occasion of completion of one full year of operation of Uflex’s plant in Poland that since the commencement of its operation in July, 2012, the company has achieved revenues  of USD 90 Million. The Polish plant is operating in its full capacity and is utilized to meet demands for flexible packaging solutions from within Poland and neighboring countries of Europe.

Uflex has plans for a major corporate revamp wherein the company plans to bring its overseas plastic film business under an umbrella company based in Dubai. Plans are also in the pipeline to list the said company overseas to part-finance future expansion plans.

Uflex has its presence in over 140 countries across the world with plastic film manufacturing facilities in India, Dubai, Mexico, Egypt, Poland and Kentucky, U.S. and packaging products facilities at multiple locations in India.

With the company’s vision to ‘Progress with Distinction’, Uflex brings a variety of value added flexible packaging material and sophisticated products like BOPET, BOPP and CPP, state of the art converting machines, rotogravure cylinders giving the company an edge over its competitors. The company also specializes in a wide variety of packaging machines like Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machines, Horizontal Wrapping Machines, Special Purpose Machines, High Speed Pouch Making Machines.

In the last financial year 2012-13, plastic films contributed nearly 60% of the company’s revenue. Value added products contributed around 53% of the earnings having 40% share in the revenues. Uflex Ltd offers complete packaging solutions for a wide range of FMCG goods, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, pet food, sugar, automotive oil, lubricants and components.

Speaking to journalists who were touring the Uflex plant in Poland Mr. R.K. Jain, Group President for corporate finance and strategy stated: “We have pursued global investment in both greenfield and brownfield projects. This has been our consistent strategy. In this regard, we have successfully invested more than $500 million. This has given us the strength to address our dual commitment: To the investors, by creating incremental value on their investments, and to clients, by offering products that add value to their go-to-market strategy. The first full year of operations of Uflex in Poland saw a contribution of $90 million to the revenues. We also witnessed favorable demand trends for our innovative flexible packaging solutions. This saw an increased uptake from clients globally. Let me also add, the profit margins are showing improvement quarter-over-quarter during the current financial year.”

Future plans

Uflex plans to consolidate its position as a truly Indian MNC. The strategy of global expansion includes capacity expansion and adding manufacturing lines for various product categories in existing and new locations to increase proximity to the markets and also to include the broad portfolio of value added services to clients.

In the coming three years beginning 2014-15 the company has plans to go in for a major capacity expansion to diversify their products range, grow revenues and improve margins.

For the financial year ended March 31, Uflex recorded 14% growth in consolidated net revenues at Rs.5,161 crore, against Rs.4,516 crore in the previous year. For the six-month period ended Sep 30, 2013 consolidated revenues were Rs.2,914 crore, against Rs.2,626 crore in the corresponding period last year.

While the higher revenue growth is attributed to new capacity added by the company since the manufacturing facilities in Poland and Kentucky in US commenced commercial production over the last year and also witnessing favorable demand trends for its innovative flexible packaging solutions, which saw increased uptake from clients globally whereas the profit margins are showing improvements quarter over quarter during the current year.