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Flexible Packaging is 100% Recyclable and Reusable : Ashok Chaturvedi, CMD, Uflex Limited – reports The Packman | Sep-Oct 2019 Print edition

Uflex innovation from 3D to 4D “Your Bag of Rice has evolved” – reports The ET Polymers | Aug-Sept 2019 Print edition

Uflex has been awarded India’s Most Trusted Company 2019 by International Brand Consulting Corporation, USA

Culture is a nurturing habitat for success. And come rain or hay, an organisation that propagates the right kind of culture top-down is indeed blessed with good fortune.” – writes Chandan Chattaraj, President-Human Resources, Uflex in his OP-ED in Human Capital magazine.

Packaging South Asia’s Cover story focuses on Uflex’s brand Asepto reinventing the wheel for liquid packaging for the beverage industry through diversified facilities with the world-class infrastructure at Sanand.