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Uflex develops Speciality Polymeric Film to replace Bi-axially Oriented Polyamide (Nylon) Film

Uflex develops Speciality Polymeric Film to replace Nylon FilmBi-axially Oriented Polyamide (BOPA) Film (commonly known as Nylon) is characterized by high impact resistance and tensile strength, good stiffness and resistance towards fats, oils; dilute bases and acids. Although BOPA Film finds extensive use in food packaging, especially for fatty and oily food, distilled goods packaging, agricultural products packaging or medical products, its barrier with respect to gases deteriorates rapidly with increasing humidity. BOPA or Nylon films are hygroscopic i.e. they absorb moisture at ambient conditions which makes it rather tedious for the convertors to store them in dry conditions. A lot of investment by the convertors handling BOPA films goes towards de-humidification and air conditioning of storage space/ warehouses and further proper packaging in aluminium foil etc. to keep the substrate dry.

Additionally given the Indian context, BOPA Film is not easily available domestically and has to be imported more often than not. This film is expensive further posing inventory management challenges for convertors.

Considering that BOPA Film finds extensive use in packaging various products and further taking cognizance of the shortcomings of this substrate as mentioned hereinabove, India’s largest multinational flexible packaging materials and Solution Company Uflex Limited has developed a speciality polymeric film to replace BOPA or Nylon Film from flexible packaging material.

One of the very many uses that the specialty polymeric film finds is oil packaging. Typically for manufacturing packaging material for oil, the new speciality film has been laminated with Polyethylene to fabricate a 2 ply packaging structure. The lamination process is also specialized to ensure superior and enhanced functionality of the packaging structure.

The new speciality film is a replacement for BOPA in its truest sense and can be used for manufacturing packaging material for all products that currently use the nylon substrate.

Talking about this development, Mr. Jeevaraj Pillai, Joint President, Packaging and New Product Development, Uflex Limited said, “It took us almost 9-10 months to develop the new speciality polymeric substrate. Subsequently we converted it into a laminate to create a packaging solution that is much more functionally enhanced than that comprising BOPA. The new specialty film is much easy to handle without requiring any extra care by the convertors. Being a fully integrated flexible packaging solution company we are in a good stead to incorporate brand protection features like Top Holographic Stamping among other value added attributes. We are the only company in India to have manufactured this Speciality Polymeric Film to replace BOPA (Nylon). There is an encouraging demand for this film for manufacturing packaging material for various pharmaceutical products, distilled goods,fatty and oily food and agricultural products among others.”

Commenting about the new speciality polymeric film, Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman and Managing Director, Uflex Limited said, “The opportunity lies in the womb of the challenge itself. My team always proactively perceives the challenges faced by convertors and brands and subsequently engineers the most enhanced packaging solution to fairly address their pain points. This is what I term as Avant-Garde Value Engineering.”

Packaging gets Grey Matter deploying Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC 1 (1) copyMeaningful engagement is the stepping stone for Effective Communication. FMCG brands are doing whatever it takes to engage their potential customers at the already in undated point-of-sale (POS) before they drift out of their realm of influence. Since packaging serves as the last mile sales person at the retail shelf, the responsibility of make or break communication obviously vests on its shoulders. The game doesn’t end here. The communication has to be smart, intuitive, and intelligent enough to keep the customer genuinely engaged for progressing towards a successful transaction. Given all of this, it is only prudent to infuse Grey Matter into the packaging. A definitive step towards this is Near Field Communication (NFC). There certainly are other technologies too, but let’s restrict the purview of our discussion for the purpose of this blog to NFC.

Near Field Communication is an enabler for the Packaging industry to join the Internet of Things (IoT) bandwagon. Internet of Things, as the name suggests integrates physical /tangible objects to the World Wide Web (www) so that those things become more responsive in the network world thereby enhancing the human interfaceand the associated experience.

An NFC enabled smart label can actually serve as a ‘Man Friday’ for packaging right from giving out information about the value/supply chain/ logistical coordinates; instantaneous condition of the product packed in terms of freshness; shelf-life details;information about how the product was manufactured, the conditions in which it was manufactured; to additional details that can help consumers make good use of the product being purchased. For example a branded pack of cocoa-powder as a value added feature could elicit some interesting cake recipes for the benefit of the end-user on the handheld. With the advent of functionally superior and re-closable packaging, end users do not prefer decanting products into separate containers anymore. In such a scenario NFC can play a much longer and sustained role in engaging the consumer which in turn can boost brand loyalty.

NFC simply comes alive with a microchip embedded into packaging as smart labels. This chip can store all information related to the product which otherwise would not really be feasible to print on the torso of the pack. All that the shopper needs to do is to hold up the smart phone to the pack and get instant access to information related to different aspects of the product at a mere tap of the phone. This does not require typing out endlessly long URLs or downloading mobile based apps to be in turn able to scan QR or bar codes on the pack. Such is the merit of a single tap approach for unfurling the hidden dimension of a product at the Point of Sale and presenting it in the most engaging format to delight the shoppers besides helping them make an informed buying decision.

Most of the smartphones have inbuilt features to support Near Field Communication. According to industry estimates 1.2 billion NFC enabled smartphones will be globally shipped by 2018. All this indicates that there is a lot of ground for packaging to cover in order to get smarter for enthusing, engaging and enriching the consumers. The global packaging industry has evolved and come a long way to graduate to this level of intelligence which is only going to get sharper with time.

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