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Uflex launches Super Barrier Polyester Film

Uflex Launches Super Barrier Film, FLEXPET-FPGB

India’s largest multinational flexible packaging materials and solution company Uflex has launchedSuper Barrier Polyester Film, FLEXPETTM F-PGB-12.

This 12 micron Bi-axially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate (BOPET) film owing toa speciallymodified surface treatment (on one side)offers very high barrier to oxygen. The other side of the film can be corona treated or left untreated as per the requirements of the convertor.The Oxygen Transmission Rate (O.T.R) of this film is < 6 cm3/m2/day at 23 degrees Celsius & 0% RH. A big advantage with this film is the fact that it does not require any coating or co-extrusion of Polyvinylidene Chloride (PVDC) or Ethylene Vinyl alcohol (EVOH) for enhancing barrier properties.

An untreated BOPET normal film of 12 micron has O.T.R. as high as 135 cm3/m2/day; thereby offering much weaker barrier to O2. A normal film quite essentially requires inline or offline PVDC/EVOH coating for enhancing the barrier properties.

The benefits of FLEXPETTMF-PGB-12 filmare multifarious:

  • It offers good flexibility;
  • Exhibits very good optical properties/ transparency;
  • Offers good machinability and handling properties owing to high Tensile Strength at Break (TSB);
  • Poses excellent barrier to gas as compared to normal BOPET film;
  • Offers cost benefits w.r.t. PVDC/EVOH coated/co-extruded substrates.

Mr. J.K. Sharma, AGM, Technical Service and New Product Development (Films) talking about the USPs of FLEXPETTMF-PGB-12 said, “This film offers a clear cost advantage to the convertors over other PVDC/EVOH coated/ co-extruded filmsand is widely used in the packaging for pet foods; roasted coffee and other oxygen & barrier sensitive food products. There is a huge demand for this cost effective speciality BOPET film and we are getting good number of business enquiries.”

Giving more details about the new speciality film, Mr. Pramod Sirsamkar, President   Technical & New Product Development (Films), Uflex Limited said, “In a typical two ply laminate our latest film can serve as a superior oxygen barrier while the sealant layer can act as a great barrier to moisture. This is the simplest cross section that one can think of keeping the converting costs to a bare minimum without compromising upon the performance of the laminate. The F-PGB film complies with EU regulation and US FDA for food contact application.”

Commenting about FLEXPETTMF-PGB-12 film, Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman and Managing Director, Uflex Limited said, “We are producing this film at all our manufacturing facilities i.e. in India, UAE, Poland, Egypt, Mexico and USA. This speciality substrate is yet another example of innovation to create value added differentiation for our clients globally. Considering its superior barrier to oxygen, the film can be laminated with a sealant polymeric substrate to render a superior two layer laminate which is thin and lightleaving much lesser carbon footprint at all the three stages of the product lifecycle i.e. manufacturing; transportation and disposal.”

Seal of Gold for Product Excellence to Uflex Limited by iBrands 360, World Consulting & Research Corporation

As a testament to the growing popularity of its end to end flexible packaging solutions amongst its global clientele in over 140 counties across the globe, Uflex has earned the prestigious Seal of Gold for Product Excellence- 2016 by iBrands360 – Asia’s leading brand equity research, brand architecture and ratings company from World Consulting & Research Corporation (WCRC International).uflex

Rigorously researched by the Industry and Customers on stringent parameters like product innovation; unique selling proposition; brand positioning; sales & marketing efficiency; impeccable corporate governance; recognition by mainstream and social media; socio-environmental sustainability and competitive advantage in the market, India’s largest flexible packaging company Uflex has been honored with the Seal of Gold that is considered to be the most coveted global accolade standing unique in the category.

Upon this prestigious conferral, Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman and Managing Director, Uflex Limited said, “This is indeed a defining moment for the organization and all employees who have relentlessly worked for taking the company and the flexible packaging industry as a whole to the next level. Brands are not built overnight. Brands have to be consistently nurtured with exceptional product excellence and flawless customer service. With the ever rising innovation quotient, most contemporary technology and some of the best brains by our side, Uflex will continue to delight its clientele world over.”

Mr. Abhimanyu Ghosh, Chairman iBrands360 said, “We congratulate Uflex Limited for being selected as the “Seal of Gold” for product excellence in ‘Flexible Packaging’. The Seal of Gold is the most comprehensive research across categories for the products that provide the most outstanding experience to consumers. Based on primary survey across a varied cross section of consumers, the research provides meaningful insights about the excellence of product attributes and values that make them chose a particular product over others.

Uflex Limited being a one stop shop for all flexible packaging requirements and recognized for innovation to create value added differentiation for its clientele world over, we proudly announce them to be the Gold Choice for the Packaging Industry category.”



As yet another testament to Uflex’s superior brand equity in the realm of flexible packaging, the organization was conferred with the ‘Lokmat Corporate Excellence Award’ in the Financial Capital earlier today. Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman & Managing Director of Uflex has been conferred with the Innovative Leadership in Quality Award.

Lokmat Corporate Excellence Award is given to organizations that have demonstrated exemplary corporate governance and sustained performance to augment shareholders’ value. The award also acknowledges the innovation quotient in the winning companies’ product offering, besides assessing the popularity of the brand in mainline and social media. Uflex, India’s largest flexible packaging company has earned an irreproachable reputation not only within the country but also in around 140 countries across the globe, where its products are widely sold.   Uflex has been particularly awarded for making the most of modern technology to achieve operational excellence.

This is the third edition of the award with an ever growing interest and overwhelming response from the multinational companies. This year 26 entries were received in the packaging category.

Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman and Managing Director, Uflex Limited in an official statement said “I am humbled by this conferral. We at Uflex always work towards enhancing the experience and value proposition for our clients by adding substantive value at every level of the packaging supply chain. With best brains and the most advanced technology by our side, Uflex is all geared to scale newer heights in the times to come”.

Uflex invests $400 million to expand

India’s $1 billion film and flexible packaging maker Uflex Ltd. has given a nod to a plan that includes expanding plants and establishing new factories in India and overseas.

The firm, one of the largest and fastest-growing flexible packaging firms in India, has drawn up a three-year growth strategy.

“The expansion plan … envisages opening new plants in new locations inside and outside India,” said President R.K. Jain, in an interview with Plastics News at the company’s headquarters in Noida, near Delhi.

“We have earmarked an investment of $400 million,” said Jain.

The move is aimed at doubling the company’s annual revenue to $2 billion in four to five years.

In the past three years, Uflex has opened plants in Egypt, Poland and the U.S., besides India, and expanded its Mexico facility.

“We have now consolidated and stabilized our operations in these markets and we are now ready for next phase of expansion,” he said. Uflex has not identified sites for the proposed plants. “We have no plant in the Far Eastern market, so that could be one of the regions on our radar,” he said.

Uflex controls about a 30-35 percent share of India’s $4 billion packaging industry.

How Flexible Packaging Helps Manufacturers of Consumer Goods

In today’s age consumer goods manufacturers face tough competition as they all struggle to find methods to lure the consumer towards their products. Money is spent on marketing, advertising, publicity etc. New methods are devised to make the consumer use/try their product.  It’s not an easy task, since no matter what you manufacture there is already an existing competitor present in the market.

In this time of cut throat competition, a number of manufacturers are turning to flexible packaging of their products. This form of packaging offers a variety of exciting marketing opportunities to the producer without increasing the cost of production. The packaging can be tailored to suit the merchandising requirements.

The  3D / 4D stand up pouches are a popular style of packaging. It is made by blending several layers of plastic with aluminum. This combination allows for a new and sophisticated printing and designing techniques to be used on the packet. This fact alone gives the manufacturers to design attractive logos, designs, graphics etc on their package which can catch the eye of the consumer.

Flexible style of packaging can be customized into practically any shape or size. They can also incorporate a variety of colors and styles. A different looking packet is bound to attract the eye of the consumer.

Flexible packaging allows the usage of same style of pouches to store different items. For instance the basic pouch can be used to store food, beverage and non-food items. With the addition of a special feature the pouch can be even more customized. For e.g., if a spout is added to the basic pouch it can be used to store liquids. The addition of a zipper and diaphragm will make the pouch more convenient to store and restore dry items.

Flexible packaging helps businesses and brands gain recognizition. The process is cheap so even the most cost conscious business can afford it. It can be customized to suit a brand so that businesses don’t have to end up choosing between short term gains and long term recognizition.

Uflex believes that the greatest improvement in the packaging industry is the flexible packaging. Many of the innovations that have become a part of the FMCG industry are products of the flexible packaging industry.

Uflex pushes for new innovations and trends thanks to the breakthroughs in plastic research and raw material enhancements.