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Innovative Packaging is very important to catch a Shopper’s eye – Mr. Ashwani Sharma speaks with Packaging Advisor

By Chris Fernando | May 21, 2018 | Packaging Advisor


Packaging Advisor speaks to Ashwani Sharma, the President and CEO for New Business Initiatives at UFlex, about the latest trends in the packaging industry

Innovative Packaging is very important to catch a Shopper’s eye – Mr. Ashwani Sharma speaks with Middle East Printer

By Chris Fernando | May 21, 2018 | ME Printer


ME Printer speaks to Ashwani Sharma, the President and CEO for New Business Initiatives at UFlex, about the latest trends in the packaging industry

Why did UFlex participate at Beauty World?
This is not the first time we participated at Beauty World. This is possibly our fourth participation at the event. We have been here quite consistently to meet our target customers and show off our innovative products. The event allows us to meet customers from GCC, South East Asia, Europe, and so on. This event makes a lot of sense for out flex tube division and what we do is high-end tubes. And I can assure you that we will be here at least for the next 7 years as I can see.

New OPTIKA Transparent Flexi-Tubes by Uflex a Boon for Global Cosmetic Brands

02 May 2018, Noida, Uttar Pradesh (India): India’s largest multinational flexible packaging materials and solution company Uflex has made a dent in the Tubes Industry by manufacturing Flexi-Tubes that roll up all the advantages of multi-layered flexible laminates to perfection. The unique ABC approach de-abbreviated to Aesthetics; Barrier Properties & Counterfeit-proof is doing the trick for Flexi-Tubes offering immense flexibility and endless possibilities to brands helping them unleash their true potential across the globe.

OPTIKA Transparent Flexi-tubes by Uflex

Leaving the limitations faced by other lami-tube manufacturers much behind, Uflex Flexi-Tubes have been offering plethora of aesthetical benefits to brands like 360 degree printing; utilization of the entire tube torso for branding from shoulder to crimp; high definition graphics; imparting metallic effects using advanced registered printing; registered lamination; superior surface finish using matte & gloss effects and electron beam (EBM) coating for ultra-high gloss among several others.

The Growing Trend of Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability is fast gaining favours among companies, with consumers increasingly looking to buy products that are ‘green’. A recent report highlighted the growing trend of sustainable packaging in growing markets of China and India. The cause is attributed to a growing middle class who is aware of health and environmental issues of flexible packaging. It is forecasted that by 2018, Asia will become the largest market for sustainable packaging in the world accounting for 32% of the overall market share. In the same year consumer demand, technological advancement will push sustainable packaging to a $244 billion mark.

Bioplastics have been playing an integral role in company’s sustainability drive over the past couple of years and these materials will be more and more commonly available as we further head into the new millennium. The global production of bioplastics is tipped to increase from 1.2 million tonnes in 2011 to 5.8 million tonnes by 2016.

The approach towards sustainability also offers a competitive business advantage that manufacturers should keep in mind. Good environmental performance and business value can work in tandem, and this is all the more relevant in today’s time.

In addition to clear business advantage, sustainable packaging offers exploring innovative options both for the flexible packaging manufacturer and the FMCG industry. It is important that both the sectors work together to employ a number of innovative approach to improve sustainability of their products like recycling and reprocessing infrastructure, using optimum packaging, producing packaging from bio-based materials.

Packaging companies in India like the Uflex Ltd., which is India’s largest flexible package provider, has always been committed towards sustainable options of flexible packaging. Being on the edge of innovation they provide packaging that keeps the products safe, fresh and devoid of any harmful reactions. With the constant R&D for safer and environment friendly packaging, the company is dedicated to bring safer, better and sustainable packaging solutions.

Uflex products are high on sustainability which is important in packaging as the product is very close to the consumer and is usually assumed as a waste. Uflex believes that wherever possible all flexible packaging waste should be re-cycled or reprocessed in the same industry or alternative applications.

Their Green pet and rPET techniques ensure that the plastic is manufactured in an environment friendly manner without compromising on the quality of the product and the recycling and reprocessing of the plastic waste is done in a safe and non hazardous manner.

In its new role, sustainability is a way for the company to provide a platform to the consumers that allows them to feel like they have made a difference, to have done something that they might not have been able to achieve on their own and feel good about the purchase.

How Flexible Packaging Helps Manufacturers of Consumer Goods

In today’s age consumer goods manufacturers face tough competition as they all struggle to find methods to lure the consumer towards their products. Money is spent on marketing, advertising, publicity etc. New methods are devised to make the consumer use/try their product.  It’s not an easy task, since no matter what you manufacture there is already an existing competitor present in the market.

In this time of cut throat competition, a number of manufacturers are turning to flexible packaging of their products. This form of packaging offers a variety of exciting marketing opportunities to the producer without increasing the cost of production. The packaging can be tailored to suit the merchandising requirements.

The  3D / 4D stand up pouches are a popular style of packaging. It is made by blending several layers of plastic with aluminum. This combination allows for a new and sophisticated printing and designing techniques to be used on the packet. This fact alone gives the manufacturers to design attractive logos, designs, graphics etc on their package which can catch the eye of the consumer.

Flexible style of packaging can be customized into practically any shape or size. They can also incorporate a variety of colors and styles. A different looking packet is bound to attract the eye of the consumer.

Flexible packaging allows the usage of same style of pouches to store different items. For instance the basic pouch can be used to store food, beverage and non-food items. With the addition of a special feature the pouch can be even more customized. For e.g., if a spout is added to the basic pouch it can be used to store liquids. The addition of a zipper and diaphragm will make the pouch more convenient to store and restore dry items.

Flexible packaging helps businesses and brands gain recognizition. The process is cheap so even the most cost conscious business can afford it. It can be customized to suit a brand so that businesses don’t have to end up choosing between short term gains and long term recognizition.

Uflex believes that the greatest improvement in the packaging industry is the flexible packaging. Many of the innovations that have become a part of the FMCG industry are products of the flexible packaging industry.

Uflex pushes for new innovations and trends thanks to the breakthroughs in plastic research and raw material enhancements.