CPP Films

Cast Polypropylene Films


FLEXCPP™ is a highly dyanamic and versatile film with higher gloss, greater transparency and better heat-sealability, good twisting property and better tear strength.

FLEXCPP™ is available in plain, heat sealable, Metallizable grade and can be produced with polished, mirror or embossed surface, gloss or matte finish, stiff or flexible, clear or opaque varieties and that makes it a trendsetter in today’s packaging scenario.

FLEXCPP™ Performing Properties:

  1. New aesthetic possibilities for enhanced shelf appeal
  2. Good gloss, transparency and heat sealability
  3. Versatile structural properties
  4. Good oxygen and moisture barrier
  5. Customisable for special applications

  1. Packaging & Conversion
  2. Food Wraps
  3. Lamination
  4. Anti-fog
  5. Candy/confectionery Wrap
  6. Garment Bags
  7. Retort Packaging
  8. Stationery Packaging
  9. Vacuum Metallization
  10. Deep Freeze Application
  11. Over Wrap
  12. Floral Wraps, and many more

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2 Responses to CPP Films

  1. Keith says:


    We are looking for suitable films to be used to make a frangible water bag as part of a disposable medical device. This frangible bag will be activated by the user by squeezing.

    Do you have any experience with films that have this property? The most likely structure for the film would be a multi-layer laminate comprising BOPP/PET and a sealing layer using Dupont Surlyn.


    • admin says:

      Dear Keith,

      Greetings from Uflex Limited – India’s largest multinational flexible packaging materials and solution company!

      Thank you for writing in.

      We have already forwarded your query to the packaging department and they shall contact with you very soon.

      Thanks & regards,
      Team Uflex

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