BOPP Films



Over the years, FLEXOPP™ has evolved into a highly cosy-effective and functionally efficient product that has made swift headways into the high barrier sesitive packaging segment across the world.

Using the Stenter process, FLEXOPP™ can be structures upto three layers and tailores for almost any machining requirement. FLEXOPP™ has evolved into a technologically superior and highly dependable film that has carved a market niche for itself in variety of packaging applications.

Engineered to sustain high fidelity graphics, higher speed and shorter runs, FLEXOPP™ meets both Flexographic as well as Rotogravure printing standards.

FLEXOPP™ Performing Properties:

  1. Good mechanical strength
  2. Good chemical resistance
  3. Good dimensional stability
  4. Excellent barrier against water
  5. Superior optical clarity
  6. One or both side heat sealable
  7. Good stiffness
  8. RResistance to tear and abrasion

  1. Packaging & Conversion
  2. Metallizing
  3. Industrial Coating
  4. Printing and Lamination
  5. Photo Albums
  6. Encapsulation
  7. Overwraps (CDs, Cigarettes)
  8. Synthetic Papers
  9. Holography
  10. Adhesive Tapes
  11. Textile Bags
  12. Hot & Cold Antifog
  13. Cables over wrap
  14. Reams/Sheets wrapping
  15. Confectionery packaging
  16. Biscuit/Sandwich over wrap
  17. Inner wrap
  18. Embossing
  19. Anti-fog (Food products)
  20. Thermal Lamination
  21. Shrink wrap and many more

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